Parramatta Advertiser; Di Bartok, 6 October 2010

The perils of being a pet.

A third of Parramatta city dogs impounded are put down – and that has angered pet-loving councillors Julia Finn and Mark Lack.

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3 responses to “7,6,5,4,3,2,1……..dead

  1. Jan Baker

    Well hello Councillors…but where have you been….this goes on all the time….Blacktown Pound is full to the brim with dogs & cats looking for homes…..if Blacktown & other councils including Parramatta would bring in Mandatory de sexing maybe there wouldn’t be as many animals in the pounds…..as puppy farmers & back yard breeders go to the pound to look for their next victims to produce as many puppies as they can…..so the cycle goes on….pets dumped, surrendered & abused…..there has to be some action to prevent this cycle from continuing & that is MANDATORY DESEXING of ALL animals before they leave council pounds..

  2. Lisa J Ryan

    The article would have been better titled “The perils of being a pet when government at any level is involved”

    Ditto to all of Jan’s comments. Good to see Parramatta Councillors Julia Finn and Mark Lack now actually starting to understand what is going on. I wonder how many more dogs would have been killed, (in addition to the 146 Parramatta dogs killed), had it not been for the efforts of various rescue groups who do the same in day in and day out 365 days a year while this and every other council turns a blind eye.

    I note the information included about Holroyd council’s no kill policy. They go to Blacktown pound same as many in inner Sydney do – so are they all held indefinitely ??? I don’t think so councillors.

    Educate yourself councillors – it is your responsibility – don’t blame the website or anyone else. Educate yourself about the no kill movement, take a look at Wyong NSW council and what they do.

    Don’t shift or deflect the blame – undertake your role as councilors and start to change how you do things. These dogs are part of your community too and you are the elected officials. Have any of you ever visited Blacktown pound – I dare you. Try visiting in mid winter. Ask how the dogs are killed – understand exactly what happens to the “statistics” councilors.

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