Animal euthanasia drops

ABC News 25th October 2010

The RSPCA in Tasmania says its animal euthanasia rates have decreased by more than 20 per cent in the three months to September.

The animal welfare organisation says it euthanased about 250 animals during this period, 80 animals fewer than the same time last year.

CEO Michael Linke says the adoption rate has doubled with nearly 200 more animals finding new homes in the last quarter.

“It’s a fantastic result and we’ve got lots of capacity in our shelters and the staff are doing a wonderful job communicating with people to visit our shelters and to find homes for these animals,” he said.



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2 responses to “Animal euthanasia drops

  1. dachshundrescueandrehoming

    Well obviously a bit of a diffference between RSPCA Tasmania and ACT isn’t there and while Michael Linke’s team are setting a great standard and always looking to improve, at the Melbourne Lost Dog’s Home, the kill stats are as bad as ever and no-one in government is listening :

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