Loopholes need closing – pit bull ban – is it time for national laws?

7 News ;3 nov 2010; 2 news videos on pit bulls

UPDATE: Spoke with John Stanley & Sandy Alouisi on their 2UE breakfast show this morning about outlaw breeders. Listen here.

Under the Companion Animal Act, it’s illegal in NSW to breed, sell or buy a Pit Bull, but because the State Government (like on so many other things) has given up on the enforcement of laws it only introduced to be seen to be doing something, outlaw breeders are selling these banned breeds into NSW backyards.


Saying Blacktown is the “dog attack capital” of NSW with 60 or so attacks in the first half of this year ignores the fact that Blacktown has some 50,000 animals registered, much more than most other councils, but it’s important to highlight the problems with the legislation.  If the media are the only people interested in tracking down and harassing rogue Pit Bull breeders, then the government is failing in its duty to protect residents.

If the legislation to ban dangerous dogs is worthwhile, then we need to enforce it.  Let’s push for uniform national laws and shut down these dodgy websites peddling outlawed breeds of attack dogs, instead of making laws for the headlines and failing to back it up.


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One response to “Loopholes need closing – pit bull ban – is it time for national laws?

  1. Jan Baker

    any dog will attack if it provoked…..pit bull breeders are no better than all the other puppy farmers & back yard breeders….most of them are NOT registered, but what does council do about it! NOTHING…..as our Mayor has a puppy farm right next to his house he can see nothing wrong in these inhume people producing puppy after puppy to make money…..that is where all your cross breeds come from……most people do not even know what a pit bull looks like……

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