Overflow of canines at shelter

Queensland Times; 15th Nov 2010.

THE RSPCA shelter at Fairfield has reached capacity, with 319 puppies and adult dogs in desperate need of new homes.

Of these, 27 are puppies now available for adoption and 12 more are in foster care.

With breeds ranging from bull Arabs, rottweiler crosses, labradors and an Irish wolfhound-cross to cattle dogs, border collies and kelpies, the shelter is splitting at the seams.

“It’s very rare to have so many puppies in the shelter at any one time. Being this full doesn’t tend to happen until December. And even then it’s rare to have so many puppies and such a variety,” RSPCA spokeswoman Anna Hartley said.

“If anyone is intending to welcome a puppy or dog into their family, it’s a perfect time to visit the Fairfield shelter where there is a huge selection of healthy animals looking for homes.

“All RSPCA dogs and cats are fully vaccinated, desexed and microchipped.”

With an intake of about 6000 dogs and puppies each year, the animal welfare charity always encourages potential pet owners to adopt from the RSPCA, or any other animal shelter offering desexed dogs and cats.

The Fairfield RSPCA shelter is open from 9am to 6pm daily.

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One response to “Overflow of canines at shelter

  1. Jan Baker

    Yes the RSPCA desex their dogs & cats same as rescues……it is a good place to adopt a pet…..it is ashame that a lot of Councils don’t have mandatory desexing in their pounds, then maybe there might not be an over supply of puppies at the RSPCA……come on Councils, Blacktown included get your act together…..

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