Coalition (Vic) to review domestic animals act

Press release; Peter Walsh MP: Shadow Minister for Agriculture; Nov 24th 2010

Mr. Peter Walsh, Shadow Minister for Agriculture has a media release dated today,stating the Coalition would review the Domestic Animals Act – and favourably supports Rescue in the future of Animal Welfare. 

The Victorian Liberal Nationals Coalition will review the Domestic Animals Act to ensure it defines the role of animal rescue groups.

Making the announcement today, Shadow Minister for Agriculture and Deputy Leader of The Nationals Peter Walsh said legislation had not kept pace with the expectations of the community.

“Victorian legislation needs to be clarified to include the role of groups and individuals who foster and rescue animals,” Mr Walsh said.

“The existing regulations are out-of-date as they were designed to meet circumstances as they existed more than a decade ago. “In Government, the Coalition will revise these regulations to ensure that they are delivering the best outcomes in animal welfare.”

Mr Walsh said many animal rescue groups did a wonderful job caring for and placing unwanted and seized companion animals. “Animal rescue groups take animals from pounds and shelters, and assess their health and temperament before placing them with people who will give them a new home,” Mr Walsh said. “They also ensure dogs and cats are de-sexed, microchipped, vaccinated and wormed.

“Under the government’s current code of practice, unless a foster care or rescue program can be found within 28 days, animals must be euthanized. “The code does not give any definition of foster programs, lumping them in with organisations such as the Lost Dogs’ Home or the RSPCA.

“Animal rescue groups say these regulations are placing an onerous burden on them, preventing them from rehousing animals. “In Government, the Coalition will clarify the role of these groups so that they can continue with their important work of finding new homes for abandoned and unwanted pets,” Mr Walsh said.


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One response to “Coalition (Vic) to review domestic animals act

  1. Jan Baker

    Governments stink….they always seem to attack the ones that are doing all the hard work……there are a lot of Councils that should be doing a lot more for these animals in their pounds….Blacktown especially……let the Rescues do their job…….what would we do without rescues….

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