Manningham animal lovers back time extension for jailed pets

Manningham Leader; Danielle Crowe; 24 Nov 2010

MANNINGHAM animal advocates have backed a state-wide campaign to extend the 28-day deadline for animals in shelters and pounds.

The Stop the Clock campaign, which aims to put an end to the maximum holding period before dogs and cats are killed, is supported by the RSPCA and the Lort Smith Animal Hospital.

While the Manningham pound put down only 20 cats and 10 dogs in the past year, many unwanted local pets are taken to the RSPCA in other areas.

Last year, 1170 dogs and 3256 cats were euthanased at the Burwood and Epping RSPCA centres while 3297 dogs and 9086 cats were put down across the state.

Stop the Clock campaign founder Mike Bailey said Victoria was the only state that enforced a holding deadline and said it should be abolished.

“Hundreds of healthy adoptable cats and dogs are unnecessary killed each year for no reason other than to comply with a code,” Mr Bailey said. Templestowe Halfway Home Animal Rescue Inc co-founder Jenaya Du Toit said eliminating the holding period would go a long way towards saving the lives of hundreds of pets.

“While there is no one solution to this problem, abolishing the holding time and introducing more foster programs in the bigger shelters would make a big difference,” Ms Du Toit said.

The holding period is part of Code of Practice for the Management of Dogs and Cats in Shelters and Pounds which states that at the end of the period, the animal must be put down or removed from the facility.

The Labor Government has promised to extend the maximum holding period for animals in shelters and pounds but Mr Bailey said the Government needed to abolish the law if it was going to make a difference.

Opposition leader Ted Baillieu’s election commitment to animal welfare did not include any plans to extend or remove the 28-day holding period.

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