Control breeding

Whittlesea Leader,Tuesday, 30 November 2010

IF the RSPCA has a pit bull found or surrendered, it is put down (“Dog attacks sheep”, Whittlesea Leader, November 23).

There are some breeds that should not be in urban areas and are not appropriate for rural areas either.

Dog breeding needs to be far more strictly controlled.

People don’t have to desex their dogs and can breed them from their backyards.

The problem is there are too many dogs and people don’t control them.

The attacks are horrific and the suffering endured by the animals is too awful to ponder on.

More controls are needed by our government, but nothing changes.

Posted by Milly Oat

Caption Text:
The dog attacks on Gary Hicks’ pets has infuriated some readers.


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One response to “Control breeding

  1. Jan Baker

    yes people do not have to desex their dogs they can breed from them from their backyards…..this is what we have to stop!! people breeding from their back yards & who are not registered breeders should not be allowed to breed….they get their victims from pounds so they can breed in their backyards… is our overpopulating of dogs …they don’t care what sorts of dogs they breed with, so then we have puppies being born with no socializing at all, which leads to dogs with bad natures & nasty attitudes towards other dogs & sometimes people……make them register or desex!!

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