Time for giving, but a pet hate is bad Christmas

Wangaratta Chronicle,By Emma Backhouse ;Friday, 3 December 2010

CHRISTMAS is a time for giving.

But certain gifts, such as a new pet, require a lot of thought.

A cute puppy or kitten may sound lovely, but as Jan Thomas from Wangaratta RSPCA said “a pet is not just for Christmas, but for life”.

Ms Thomas said unfortunately many animal shelters get laden with Christmas gift’ pets, which are unwanted by recipients.

“The thing is, what you might like as a pet, they might not,” she said.

Another issue with giving pets as a Christmas present is the timing.

Christmas is a very busy time of year and many people do not have the time to get a new pet settled into its new home.

Ms Thomas said people planning to give someone a pet for Christmas should “think long and hard” before buying the animal.

“A a cute little puppy will soon be an active dog and a cute kitten in two months will be a half grown cat,” she said.

“Make sure the new owner of the animal wants it.” To reduce the number of animals being brought into shelters around Christmas time, the RSPCA requires the recipient of a pet gift’ to come in and choose the animal themselves.

Caption Text:
LONG LASTING: The RSPCA’s Emily Snowdon hopes not to see Christmas present pets end up in the pound.


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One response to “Time for giving, but a pet hate is bad Christmas

  1. Jan Baker

    well unfortunately Emily that is where they are going to end up…as the public just don’t seem to understand what happens to these poor dogs that are bought for Christmas presents to people who do not want them…….it is impulse buying…..but these dogs will end up dumped or surrendered to pounds or the RSPCA for them to take the responsibility for their mistakes….

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