Dogged by a cruel world

Maroondah Weekly,Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Thousands of animals will face a bleak future over Christmas.

The RSPCA is expecting more than 16,000 animals to come into its Victorian shelters over the festive season, all in desperate need of shelter medical attention and a second chance at happiness.

Melody’s story When Melody arrived at the RSPCA she was heavily pregnant, starving and very scared.

She had been forced to live in a rundown backyard without clean bedding or adequate shelter. She was filthy and her fur was so tightly matted against her skin that she required veterinary treatment and even a general anesthetic. Just days after arriving at the RSPCA, Melody gave birth to four healthy and beautiful puppies.

But her fight to recovery had only just begun. Having been neglected all her life, she distrusted people and was, therefore, very protective of her pups.

Melody was placed into a foster home to regain her trust in humans and to allow her frail body to recover. In just a few weeks, her confidence in people began to improve and she was strong enough to be brought back to the RSPCA. After months of recovery, Melody and her four puppies were placed into new homes and will now spend the festive season with new loving families.

Sadly, the reality is that thousands of animals will not be so lucky this Christmas. Supporting the RSPCA will ensure animals like Melody get the second chance at happiness they su desperately deserve.

Visit or phone 1300300662.

Caption Text:
Second chance: Lost and maltreated dogs may find a loving home this Christmas

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