Dogs from Logan City Council pound sacrificed to teach UQ veterinary science students

Hannah Davies;The Courier-Mail , December 10, 2010

Dog being treated at UQ's veterinary hospital

HUNDREDS of healthy dogs, some of them carrying pups, are being destroyed to further the education of student veterinarians at the University of Queensland each year.

The dogs, supplied by Logan City Council pound, are anaesthetised before students carry out surgical procedures, then put down before they are likely to regain consciousness.

The practice, which is no longer carried out at universities in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth, has been dubbed “inhumane” by the RSPCA, with vets calling for alternative teaching methods to be used.

One UQ veterinary student, who asked not to be named, said she left the course because she couldn’t bear to see the dogs – some only two months old – being operated on.

“Looking at their sad, scared little faces used to make me physically ill,” she said.

“I would cry just about every single time. . . knowing the dog lying in front of me was never going to wake up again.”

Brisbane City Council stopped supplying the university with dogs in June 2008 and Moreton Bay Regional Council followed suit.

The only council still participating is Logan.

Dr Bidda Jones, chief scientist at the RSPCA, urged the university to consider using other teaching methods, such as those used in the UK – computer simulations, ethically-sourced cadavers, models and surgical simulators.

“There is the potential for pain and suffering in this practice and that is something which concerns us,” she said.

Animal rights campaigner for Nonhuman Rescue Ops, Simone Hewitt, who used to work at Logan pound, rescued two-year-old Tigga from going to the university.

She said some of the dogs taken in the past had been carrying litters of pups.

“It breaks my heart to know this is going on because these dogs are no different to people’s own pets,” she said.

UQ’s Head of Veterinary Science Professor Jon Hill said students only performed surgery on animals that were unsuitable for re-homing and scheduled to be euthanised.

However, government guidelines state dogs used by the university must be healthy and non-aggressive because of health and safety issues.

Logan Mayor Pam Parker refused to comment.

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6 responses to “Dogs from Logan City Council pound sacrificed to teach UQ veterinary science students

  1. Colette Smedile

    This has to stop. It has to. You can’t do this to our animals who through no fault of their own find themselves in the “care” of Logan City. Hang your heads in shame.

  2. companionanimalnews

    We had this comment from another vet student at UQ:

    ” First year vet school we had a class of 120 students aprox divided in groups of 5 and each group got two dogs to study (mostly greyhounds)
    Second year there was a dog per 5 students each small animal anatomy prac…
    Third year it was minimum use of animals but we used cats as well for post mortem but this was only once so there would have been around 30 cats used in total.
    Fourth year is the big one with the live animal surgery. Class is divided in two (lets say 50 in each group) and then they do groups of 4 and each group gets a pound dog EVERY WEEK. So it would be around 13 dogs per week for 10 weeks each semester….. making a grand total of approx of 130 dogs per semester so 260 dogs a year.

    At least that is how it was when I did my surgery, it was horrible, traumatizing, I hated it.”

  3. Susan

    A mass protest is needed to stop this barbaric practise! No wonder some vets are so desensitised to ‘euthanising’ animals! How cruel and inhumane! The students willingly participating in this horror will make lousy vets as they will lack compassion. If they have any backbone they will protest against this practice! Afterall they are paying the university to study! In the meantime contact and to demand this cruelty stop!

  4. Jan Baker

    most of these students would hate doing these surgeries to these animals as they are going to become humane Vets…..Vets save animals lives not kill them…..yes hang your head in shame Logan City & why wouldn’t the Mayor Pam Parker refuse to comment……she just doesn’t know how to expain why this is happening……you should be ashamed Ms Parker as you are allowing this to happen……these animals don’t deserve what is happening to them….

  5. angel wolf

    Logan City has been outed and you are now known across the country as knuckledragging animal abusers. Do you derive some perverse pleasure in seeing animals taken aways believing they’re being taken home & loved…then they’re betrayed, tortured & killed.? You make me sick…all of you..those on the council who allow this & those who participate. You pose as decent human beings…go to work, pay your bills & taxes…but do your children know what dirtbags you are?…do your families know you choose to be animal torturers? You are the lowest of the low…tho you have the power to act with Mercy…you choose cruelty for cash….you are gutless, merciless garbage …all of you….a complete waste of oxygen. And the joke is…you actually consider yourself intelligent and important…’re all less than ignorant trash and now the public knows you for what you are.
    You are the Shame of our country.

    I sign of wishing you all get cancer & suffer thro chemo & a slow lingering death.

    Totally Sincerely Angel~Wolf

  6. trazana freedom

    What is now the situation with the logan pound giving up dogs to the uni. It MUST stop. What can anyone do to help

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