Greens push to toughen animal welfare laws

ABC News Wed Dec 8, 2010

The ACT Greens have introduced a draft bill to the Legislative Assembly to make the Territory’s animal welfare laws the toughest in the country.

The proposed laws would ban pet stores from displaying kittens or puppies in shop windows, and prohibit the sale of animals to children.

The draft bill also calls for the mandatory de-sexing of cats and dogs at the point of sale.

Greens MLA Caroline le Couteur says the ACT RSPCA put down more than 1,000 cats and 100 dogs last financial year.

“In the ACT at present, the RSPCA is getting 12 animals, unloved animals a day, that’s 12 cats and dogs. And over 1000 animals each year are getting euthanised in the ACT, and the aim of the bill is to stop that,” she said.

“When animals are sold they should either be sold already de-sexed or if they’re not sold de-sexed, they must be sold with a certificate for free de-sexing.

“We want to make sure all non-breeding animals are actually de-sexed and we think that that step alone would solve a lot of the problem.”

The bill also aims to increase the fine for people who commit animal cruelty.

The Greens are calling for public feedback on the proposed laws.

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One response to “Greens push to toughen animal welfare laws

  1. Jan Baker

    go the Greens…..what a great Bill…..bring it on… views exactly!!

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