Dog attacks increasing

Star (Wallan-Kilmore-Broadford),By Laura Wakely;Tuesday, 14 December 2010

DOG attacks on the increase in the Mitchell Shire.

Local law officers are receiving a minimum of two or thrcc rcports of dog attacks cvcry wcck.

In Novcmber, six incidents were reported and alarmingly, most of the dogs involved have been domestic dogs, clearly identified by a collar or tag.

Council chief executive officer David Keenan said most of the attacks had been on other animals, but some residents have also sustained minor rnjunes.

“Injuries to other animals range from requiring vet assistance to euthanasia,”  Keenan said.

“Most attacks occur as a result of dogs not being confined to the owners’ property, either on hobby farms or in residential areas.” The majority of dog attacks have occurred in Broadford.

Star has heard of one incident where a small domestic dog, about the size of a terrier, killed 14 sheep in one attack.

Keenan said the council were investigating incidents.

“We have been promoting responsible pet ownership and undertaking prosecution of the owners of the dogs,” he said.

The promotions include letterbox drops warning pet owners to keep dogs on their properties and Pet Expo and microchipping days to ensure identification was easiet “Any matters relating to dogs either at large, attacking other animals or residents, or wandering throughout the streets, should be referred to council,” Mr Keenan said.

For more details or to report an incident, contact Mitchell Shire Council on 5734 6200.


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