Blacktown Sun Tuesday December 14 2010

About 400 Blacktown Council employees walked off the job in protest last week.

A source that contacted the SUN said workers at the Animal Holding Facility and Works Depot had voted to strike amid accusations of workplace harassment and bullying, and conflict over unfilled vacancies.

Despite repeated attempts, the SUN was unable to contact a United Services Union representative for comment.

Council employees have been banned from talking to the media.

Although employees have gone back to work, it is believed the issues remain unsolved.

Blacktown Councillor Russ Dickens said that he had heard that the staff at council’s
animal holding facility believed more employees were needed to adequately care for the animals.

He also confirmed that staff at the animal pound and works depot had made complaints about harassment and bullying.

Cr dickens said the issues may not yet be resolved and the time of the year would make it difficult for employees to strike again. “Who would want to go on strike at Christmas time and lose a day’s wage?” he said. “I hope they sort it out”.

Blacktown mayor Alan Pendleton was unavailable for comment before the SUN went to press on Monday.


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  1. Lisa J Ryan

    With apparent harassment and bullying (very serious issues) and a big pound, struggling for all animals at the worst time of the year, Cr Dickens’ response is “the time of the year would make it difficult for employees to strike again.” “Who would want to go on strike at Christmas time and lose a day’s wage?”.

    Is he for real ?

  2. Jan Baker

    Well how convenient the Mayor was not available for comment!!Why would there be bullying & why is this happening…..the big picture here is the ANIMALS…..they need more staff & more volunteers, but that is not going to happen until next New Year!! so just hang on dogs for your daily walks!!This is a bloody joke these animals need to get out for walks & exercise, but there is not enough people to do this……so Blacktown Council again needs to do something about this & stop trying to fob these important issues off!! do what has to be done…..MORE STAFF & MORE VOLUNTEERS!!! I know that the dogs & cats at the Pound would like to wish the Mayor & his Councillors a Merry Christmas…..because their Christmas won’t be Merry!! Make decisions now don’t put them on the back burner……Can’t you all work together for the sake of the animals……. Shame Blacktown Council!!!!

  3. Eliza

    This seems a common problem at pounds and shelters. The shelter/council pound where I work has a deeply ingrained culture of bullying. Unfortunately, it is also staffed by a majority of the Managers family and friends. Makes it hard for the victims to get any help. Volunteers would be a blessing, as the workload is so heavy, but the Manager refuses to have volunteers. Good staff won’t stay, and it is ultimately the animals that suffer.
    My thoughts and hopes are with the people who are fighting at Blacktown. When things get tough, remember why you’re fighting! The animals deserve the very best care that we can give.

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