Council talks with RSPCA over Kurri Shelter deal

Cessnock Advertiser, Page: 12;Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Cessnock City Council will confirm with the RSPCA its interest in entering into a formal agreement for the RSPCA to manage impounded animals on its behalf . The negotiations would be on the premise of a five year agreement with councillors to receive a briefing on the status of Kurri Animal Shelter and its operating costs.

Details of the agreement were contained in a mayoral minute by Cr. Alison Davey at last week’s meeting. Cr. Davey said council staff has been investigating alternative options to the current animal shelter facilities and the RSPCA is one of these options.

“Entering into a formal arrangement with the RSPCA has the potential to deliver improved services to the community and provide a cost saving to council in the longterm,” said Cr, Davey.

Based on impounded animal data supplied by council the RSPCA have submitted costing to be considered by council.

~ $869,000 capital cost to be used to help in the management of impounded animals, including a designated vehicle and fit out; and a ~ $323,000 operational budget for the first year.


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One response to “Council talks with RSPCA over Kurri Shelter deal

  1. Jan Baker

    Boy that sounds good……I would like our Mayor of Blacktown to see this……Blacktown pound needs a big upgrade in the way that it is run……hardly any staff or volunteers….no help over the Christmas break as the Mayor is going to see to it next year…….I wonder if he has considered the animals…..I don’t think so……

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