Please stick to turkey..

Herald Sun,By Kelly Ryan ,Friday, 17 December 2010

A PORTLY porker has picked a bad time of year to try to find himself a safe haven.

Gavin (formerly Gammon) is looking for a home for Christmas.

But he wants to be adopted as a family pet, not served up on a platter as Christmas lunch.

The lOOkgpigwas bought as a piglet by people who mistakenly believed that Gay was a miniature breed who would comfortably fit in their back yard.

Instead, the black, white and ginger hog has grown into a big beast, a mostly gentle giant who would better fit a relaxed life down on a farm.

Gavin’s former owners are not the first to have been duped into buying a pig popularised as small and manageable pets only to discover that far from being miniature, many are actually massive.

Unfortunately for the pigs, outgrowing the back yard means outgrowing their role as a family pet.

Debra Boland, at Animal Aid in Coldstream, said Gavin was a fully grown, intelligent and mostly relaxed animal.

“He’s not freakishly large, he is probably the optimum size a miniature pig should be if fed an adequate and nutritional diet,” she said.

“Obviously the owners who surrendered him are sad about how it’s all turned out.

They were responsible owners for him from the word go, and he is desexed and microchipped and used to beingwalked with a harness.” Gavin is a vegetarian and his Christmas wish is probably that any prospective new owners are as well.

“He is being adopted out as a pet and we must be confident that this is what prospective new owners plan for him for life,” Ms Boland said.


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