pets are for life – Epping RSPCA

Whitlesea Leader; Cheryl Balfour; 18 dec 2010

THERE are heartbreaking stories behind the gates of the Epping RSPCA shelter.

Animal carers are getting ready for what is arguably the most distressing time of year for them – when cuddly Christmas gifts in the form of animals are abandoned because they are no longer wanted as the novelty has worn off.

Just three weeks ago, two emaciated dogs were dumped inside the shelter gates.

“People buy a puppy for Christmas and don’t realise it’s a dog by next Christmas,” Epping shelter supervisor Joanna Skrodzka said.

“Pets are not for Christmas Day only. They are a lifetime companion, for 10, 15 maybe 20 years, so think very carefully before choosing one.”

This year, more than 1500 unwanted dogs and cats were found wandering the streets and taken to the shelter or callously dumped inside the shelter compound.

About 16,000 pets will have been rescued by the RSPCA across Victoria by the end of the year, and Christmas is one of the worst times.

“It’s an increasing problem in Epping with still so many animals brought to the shelter,” Ms Skrodzka said. “During the holiday season, people’s circumstances change, they’re moving, going on holiday, perhaps there is a lack of resources and they can’t care for their animals.”

She urged families to think twice before giving pets as Christmas presents. “If you do want one, avoid buying them from pet shops because most are provided by puppy factories,” she said.

She reminded residents to consider the effects heat and noise could have on their pets this holiday season.

To donate or view animals needing new homes this Christmas, go to



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3 responses to “pets are for life – Epping RSPCA

  1. companionanimalnews

    A reader’s comment 0n the Leader website:
    “Activists have for years being campaigning for common sense and the end to mass breeding of puppies in puppy factories. However, all the pleas keep falling on deaf ears. Puppies are bred in deplorable conditions, in battery cages, as shelf items for pet shops. This is despite the on-going overpopulation of pets, and the cost to the community of having to foster unwanted results, and efforts to re-home them. Not all can go to new homes and many end up in death row. Despite this commercial misery, the breeding continues, and State governments are more interested in supporting the racket than doing anything to stop this exploitation. Let’s hope our new Liberal/Coalition actually does something to regulate breeding and make desexing mandatory.”

  2. Jan Baker

    Yes breeding puppies is a money making racket……the Government is doing nothing to help these animals…..these greedy inhume puppy farmers will continue to do this & sell to pet shops as they know there is nothing that can stop them…….give Councils Rangers, RSPCA, AWL authority to shut down these mongrels not just give them a warning….they will clean up for the time that that they get, then they will be back to their old ways…..they don’t care about the animals just the money…..

  3. ak

    It is so sad that people do not think and do not listen. RSPCA are continuously trying to put the message across – PETS ARE FOR LIFE.
    Unfortunately, our local RSPCA in Ballarat is experiencing a high number of dumped or surrendered dogs and cats this year. My heart breaks when I see this…

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