Pet adoption a wonderful thing but it’s a commitment too

Frankston Standard Leader, By Louise Clifton-Evans ; Monday, 20 December 2010
THE innocence of kittens, puppies or even an older cockatoo or minipig can provide unlimited joy at Christmas.

For the first month their antics can charm the whole household.

But experts warn people not to impulse buy because grown animals can be a different proposition.

Tim Pilgrim of RSPCA Victoria says families need to research what animals best suit their lifestyle.

Alternatively they can discuss their requirements with an RSPCA Peninsula worker who can recommend the ideal pet.

Breeds such as kelpies, german shepherds through to border collies are ideal for active families with larger properties.

Smaller dog breeds such as the maltese, pomeranian through to shitzu suit the smaller backyard.

Joy Parker of RSPCA Peninsula said all animals ready for Christmas adoption had been extensively temperament tested. “Staff get to know each animal’s personality so they can be correctly matched with new owners,” Ms Parker said.

During last year’s Christmas period RSPCA Peninsula adopted out 164 animals and 2029 throughout the whole year. So far this year 2000 animals have been adopted.

But choose carefully. The downside is 839 dogs and 988 cats have been killed this year at RSPCA Peninsula.

Other places to find kittens for Christmas is at Peninsula Vet Care clinics in Mornington, Dromana, Rosebud and Rye.

The Rye clinic has had a record number of kittens dumped lately, including two litters left in a taped box in the clinic carpark.

The 39 kittens available at Rye include a range of domestic short hair through to chinchilla-cross kittens.

Vet nurse Carolyn Maguire said they were getting so many kittens they were forced to direct people hoping to leave them at the pound.

RSPCA, 1030 Robinsons Rd, Pearcedale, phone 5978 6706 or go to


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