Dogs dumped at pound

Namoi Valley Independent,Thursday, 30 December 2010

STAFF at Gunnedah Veterinary Hospital returned from Christmas celebrations to the unpleasant task of euthanising nine dogs which had been dumped at the pound by irresponsible owners.

Vet nurse Caroline Montgomery said it had been heartbreaking for the staff to put the animals down simply because they were no longer wanted.

“Many times people dump the animals because they are going away and don’t want to be bothered with them they simply make it someone else’s problem,” Caroline said.

“People should think before they get animals for themselves or other people.

“Just this morning, a litter of puppies was dumped, obviously because they were getting too big and the owners did not want to feed them people who don’t want to take responsibility for puppies or kittens should have their animal desexed.” A number of dogs were also found wandering aimlessly after recent thunder storms, which poses another problem for pet owners if pets are not microchipped or wearing an identification tag.

“We were able to return the two dogs that were microchipped but the third one has gone to the pound,” Caroline said.

With New Year’s Eve celebrations coming up, Gunnedah Veterinary Hospital is urging pet owners to ensure that their dogs are in a secure area, especially if they are scared of loud noises.

“Many dogs are very frightened of loud noises and if owners are very worried their vet can prescribe anti-anxiety medication,” Caroline said.

Another alternative is to send their pet to one of the local boarding kennels, which are out of town and the animals will be safe and secure.” Meanwhile, one of the dogs rescued under the Pound Puppy Adoption Scheme is available for purchase at Gunnedah Veterinary Hospital.

Rudolph is a German Shepherd kelpie cross, with a very lovable nature and a basic understanding of commands like “come” and “sit”. He also walks on a lead.

“He is about 18 months old, very active and would need a family that is prepared to give him lots of exercise,” Caroline said.

The Pound Puppy Adoption Scheme has been very successful over the years with many abandoned animals finding new homes with loving families after leaving (}unnedah Veterinary Hospital.

The dogs are vaccinated, microchipped, wormed and de-sexed with the aim of reducing the number of unwanted dogs in the Gunnedah shire and are available for purchase.

To find out more, call in to Gunnedah Veterinary Clinic at the western end of Barber Street or phone 6742 1834.

Caption Text:
RUDOLPH the German Shepherd/kelpie cross, pictured with vet nurse Caroline Montgomery is very active and friendly and needs a home.



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4 responses to “Dogs dumped at pound

  1. Jan Baker

    Mandatory desexing has to come in all over Australia…..that will be the only way that these puppy farmers & back yard breeders will be stopped from buying a dog from a pound to breed with & eventually (it will take time) there will be less dogs being dumped & neglected……these back yard breeders will keep on breeding unless they are found out & made to be registered or have their dogs taken off them…..the law has to be harder…..

  2. Annelies Craig

    There is also the issue of boarding kennels, I know on the Sunshine Coast the council is very reluctant to allow the establishment of more kennels due to all issues concerning EPA, noise etc etc etc. I managed a Boarding Kennel and we were booked out at October for dogs/cats, sometimes September as were a lot of the other establishments, so that is another issues that dog owners do face out in the general public. But yes it is important for mandatory desexing as well as not buying from pet shops.

  3. selwyn marock

    Stories like this makes the talk of BSL even more ridiculous,it is brought about to protect Humans from Animals, where it does appear that it is the Animals that need protection from sick humans.

  4. linda vivers

    i went to gunnedah pound this week, only to be told they had a holiday friday, i wanted to collect a boxer that was to be destroyed that day, postponed because of holiday till monday, there were also another person who wanted to purchase two dogs but he was told the same, looking throught the windows these dogs had no water and it was soo hot, i was told after travelling from newcastle i would have to come back monday, i asked if i left money could i even get him freighted, was the answer, would gunnedah council rather see that beautiful pure bred boxer destroyed..and the conditions those animal;s are kept is disgusting, i would have travelled back but explained i would be in hospital monday.. but no help from them at all,

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