RSPCA feel the strain

Lower Hunter Weekend Star, Friday, 17 December 2010

People wanting a pet are encouraged to find their new friend at the RSPCA and help ease the strain on resources.

RSPCA shelters have hit capacity across the state and are desperate to find new homes for the large amount of animals in their care.

The shelters are offering 50 per cent off adoption fees between Thursday, December 16 and Sunday, December 19, under their 4days4life initiative.

People can buy any animal that is at least four months old or who has been in the RSPCA’s care for at least four months. RSPCA animal wellbeing executive manager Susan Hill said people should ensure the animal is right for their lifestyle before they take them home.

“Animals are a long-term commitment and should be considered carefully,” she said.

“But if people are ready to adopt an animal, we hope this initiative will encourage their decision to come to the RSPCA before going anywhere else.” She said the influx of animals to the shelter was not new.

“Every year, we experience the same thing. We become inundated with thousands of extra animals during the warm summer months,” she said.

“This puts us in a terribly distressing situation whereby we end up euthanising healthy animals because we’ve run out of space.” For more information, visit if e

Caption Text:
IN NEED: RSPCA animal shelters are offering 50 per cent off adoption fees to encourage people to save the lives of pets in their care. 151210BD4


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  1. Jan Baker

    People make me sick….same thing every year, they dump their animals on the pounds & the RSPCA……they need to be fined…..let them bring a law to stop this dumping of animals… will not get any better until pounds across Australia make mandatory desexing top of their lists…..Blacktown is one very big pound & the Mayor of Blacktown thinks people should have a choice so he doesn’t want mandatory desexing……one person should not be allowed to make that decision…..desexing is going to stop the over populating of shelters & pounds across Australia……make a law for every state…..mandatory desexing!!!

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