Focusing on Concerns Over Puppy Farming (Tasmania)

Bryan Green, MP

Minister for Primary Industries and Water

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Press release: Focusing on Concerns Over Puppy Farming

The Minister for Primary Industries and Water Bryan Green said today he is seeking to address concerns over puppy farming and backyard dog breeders.

Mr Green has asked the Tasmanian Animal Welfare Advisory Committee (AWAC) to look at the issue and report back.

 “I am aware of concerns about the practices of some dog breeders, so called puppy farms and the sale of puppies in pet shops,” Mr Green said.

 “It is the role of AWAC to provide advice on animal welfare standards and guidelines and any changes it believes are necessary to legislation.

 Mr Green said he will consider the committee’s advice before making any decision regarding regulation of dog breeding and sales.

AWAC will consider the issue when its new board convenes next month.

Further information: Matthew Sullivan 0407 816 462


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2 responses to “Focusing on Concerns Over Puppy Farming (Tasmania)

  1. Jan Baker

    well sounds to me that the Tasmanian AWAC is a little slack in their reports of puppy farming……they will look at this issue when their board convenes next month…..I wonder just how many animals are going to suffer until they have their board meeting…….Mr Green is aware of some of the problems with the sale of puppies to pet shop…..why wasn’t he advised before by the AWAC about these problems…….I think the AWAC should get off their backsides & do their jobs……

  2. companionanimalnews

    The big question is this ( and this applies to all States): are the members of the AWAC there on that commitee primarily for the animals, or are they there to ensure that the interests of their members are not hindered or compromised by any governement actions? Look at the compostion of the AWACs around the country and you will get the answer to that question.

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