Struggling with strays

Whittlesea Leader, By Cheryl Balfour
Tuesday, 11 January 2011

A STRAY sheep and a chicken were among almost 200 animals that ended up at the local pound over Christmas and New Year.

With only 40 pens at the Epping RSPCA shelter, its supervisor Joanna Skrodzka was forced to send most of the animals to the RSPCA’s Burwood centre.

Ms Skrodzka said 108 dogs and 62 cats and a few animals less commonly seen on suburban streets were collected or surrendered between December 22 and January 3.

She said more animals were collected this festive season than in the previous two.

And Ms Skrodzka said the number would only increase as Whittlesea’s population continued to skyrocket.

“About 30 per cent were surrendered and the others were strays,” she said.

“Some of them (were surrendered) for really sad reasons. We had some older dogs, about eight years old, whose owners’ lifestyles had changed and the animal doesn’t fit in any more.” Bosley, an eight-year-old boxer, was one of those surrendered before Christmas.

“His owners got him when they didn’t have children, and then when the child came home, he was pushed to the side,” Ms Skrodzka said. “He was good for eight years, and now he’s not it’s very sad.” Bosley is being assessed for adoption at Burwood, but given his age it may be difficult to find him a new home.

Whittlesea Council rangers picked up 44 dogs and nine cats between Christmas Eve and December 29.

The council collected 38 dogs and nine cats during the same period last year.

Whittlesea Council local laws manager Bill Ryley said the council would build a new pound this year. ~ Does the City of Whittlesea need a larger RSPCA shelter to meet the increasing demand? Email usat whittlesea ~)


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One response to “Struggling with strays

  1. Jan Baker

    Well here is a Council that makes decisions…building a new pound this year….if there is not enough room for these poor animals because of the irresponsible community people then there has to be changes made to accommodate these animals…..I think it is time to hit these people in the pockets where it hurts them……they know that they can bring these animals to pounds & RSPCA & that will be the end of their responsibilities……make them realise that they just can’t get rid of these animals because they have a new life style…..I know it is a hard problem & it will always be there!!..the Government has to start making some pretty strong laws to protect these helpless dogs & cats that did not ask to be here!!!

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