Casey Council (Vic) in the lead to stamp out animal cruelty

Pakenham News, By Bridget Brady; Thursday, 13 January 2011

CASEY council is leading the way in trying to stamp out cruelty to animals.

The council is one of only a few Victonan councils that applied to exercise powers to investigate and prosecute its own cases of animal cruelty.

The council in 2008 sought the authority from the Minister of Agriculture to allow its local laws officers to become inspectors under the Prevention of Cruelty to AnimalsAct. The results have been successful so far, with the council taking a resident to court for failing to provide proper care and medical treatment to her dog, which had to be put down. The womanwas fined $2730.

Barrie Tapp, from the Animal Cruelty Hotline, has praised the council’s initiative and encouraged other councils to follow its lead. “I am really going all out this year to convert all councils and shires as this would bring a sigh of relief to not only RSPCA but the Department of Primary Industry and police. It will give animal welfare against cruelty another stronghold,” MrTapp said.

“I know that the RSPCA is undermanned and grossly overworked with the little resources that it has and the public needs to get behind it in every way.” MrTapp saidhewouldbewillingtohelp out councils with any necessary training.

Casey’s acting manager of community safety, Tracey Blythe, said the council was committed to the welfare of animals and to responding to cases ofcruelty and neglect.; Fines up to $24,000 and two years’ imprisonment are penalties for cruelty.



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2 responses to “Casey Council (Vic) in the lead to stamp out animal cruelty

  1. Jan Baker

    Congratulations Casey Council!!…It is about time that a council took the stand against cruelty…..all Councils should follow suit… NSW we need this to happen as well…..a lot of the Councils here need a big big push….Blacktown is one of them……these councils need to give their rangers more authority ……fine people, be able to take away an animal on the spot that has been abused!!! Spread the word Mr Tapp!!

  2. Lisa J Ryan

    Great that Casey Council is “in the lead to stamp out animal cruelty”. Maybe they can also rethink their kill rates and attitudes to rescue.
    This is the same council who confirmed “using unregistered volunteer groups could lead to complaints of animal hoarding and premises could not be monitored to ensure health and hygiene standards were met.”
    Their cat kill rate was 92%, killed 425 dogs (rehousing just 247) and have an impound rate that is growing annually.
    And when I emailed my concerns to Casey Council the response I received from one councillor was that I was “foolish and immature”.

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