Cats, dogs need new homes

Bankstown Canterbury Torch, Wednesday, 12 January 2011

HUNDREDS of families mastered the gift of giving over the festive season by giving pets they adopted from the RSPCA Sydney Shelter a loving home.

Seven cats, 96 kittens, 57 dogs and 77 puppies, as well as a number of rabbits and birds, were successfully adopted.

While a large number of kittens and puppies were adopted, a lot of the adult animals – many of which have been at the shelter for a longer time -were overlooked.

Still awaiting adoption are 12 cats, 38 kittens, another 47 kittens in foster care, 62 dogs and 19 puppies.

RSPCA Sydney Shelter supervisor Andrew Lovie said the number of kittens coming to the shelter would increase over the next few weeks as it was cat breeding season.

“Summer is always our busiest time of year,” he said.

“The shelter is exceptionally full right now, particularly the catteiy, we receive new litters of kittens every day.” Pet owners are encouraged to desex their animals, especially since a large number of cats, kittens, puppies and dogs were euthanased during the last two weeks of December due to sheer volume and lack of space.

“Owning a pet can be a big responsibility,” Mr Lovie said.

“But for those people who are ready to commit to a pet, we’ve got lots of fantastic ammals waiting to find their new home.” For more information, visit or call 9770 7555.


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One response to “Cats, dogs need new homes

  1. Jan Baker

    we as responsible pet owners no that a pet is for life! But to a lot of people out there dogs & cats go out of fashion so dump that one get another one!!
    Educating people is the hardest thing to do because some people you just can’t educate!!

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