Protest over puppy farms

Herald Sun, Monday, 10 January 2011

ANIMAL welfare activists staged a peaceful protest against puppy farms outside a Melbourne pet shop yesterday.

The group, led by Debra Trantor, has pledged to single out different pet shops this year in their bid to abolish mass-breeding facilities.

“We’re targeting all pet shops, not singling out any pet shop in particular. All pet shops that sell animals are providing a retail outlet for puppy farms and backyard breeders,” Ms Trantor, who formed lobby group Oscar’s Law. said.



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2 responses to “Protest over puppy farms

  1. Jan Baker

    Go Debra!! I hope we get Oscar’s Law in NSW I am waiting to lobby outside any pet shop……let me know when it is on…..I have already done my own lobbying by myself at Blacktown pet shops….but I always seem to be put off when 2 large security guards ask me to leave….don’t know why!!!!!!

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