The darker side of pet shops’ puppy love

Daily Telegraph; Richard Noone; Jan 27 2011

THEY are the “puppy farms”, the dark secret behind the tens of thousands of cute little dogs sold through pet shops, classifieds and websites every year.

Despite their well-documented existence, authorities are almost powerless to collar puppy farmers.

“Currently anyone who puts two dogs together can call themselves a breeder,” Animal Liberation campaign co-ordinator Jacqueline Dalziell said.

“There are no limits, checks or balances and, with puppies selling for anywhere from $500 up to $1500, it’s a very lucrative business.”

The RSPCA is lobbying for a national registration or licensing scheme so all puppies, regardless of how or where they are sold, can be traced back to the breeder.

The aim is to end the suffering of thousands of puppies, like nine-month-old cavalier king charles spaniel Ruby.

The dog may endure a lifetime of physical, emotional or behavioural problems as a result of being bred in a so-called puppy farm.

When Ruby’s new owners took the eight-week-old puppy home from a breeder at Raymond Terrace, the family did not know the dog had canine giardia, a parasitic infection of the small intestine. Breeder Carolyn Hudson, of Kindee Kennels, denied knowingly selling an infected puppy despite later paying for Ruby’s treatment after her new owners threatened to take the matter further.

Mrs Hudson has surrendered more than 50 dogs to the RSPCA following two raids on her property since September 2009.

Footage from one such raid was featured on the RSPCA’s reality TV show Animal Rescue last year.

No charges have been laid against Mrs Hudson.

RSPCA NSW chief inspector David O’Shannessy said that “investigations were continuing”.

Mrs Hudson denied being a puppy farmer but admitted she bred dogs to avoid “financial ruin” after the collapse of a family business and ailing health left her unable to work.

She said she ran her breeding operation without an ABN and conceded at one point that having more than 100 dogs in two sheds could be considered “intensive”.

“I have no qualms about what I’m doing, at least it’s all out in the open,” she said.

“I could tell you there are a lot [of breeders] out there worse than me.”

A Port Stephens Council spokesman said an inspection of Mrs Hudson’s property last month discovered about 140 dogs, which breached the development consent limiting her to a maximum of 10 dogs.

Mrs Hudson said it was the first she’d heard of a limit and agreed to reduce her dog numbers to 10 by the end of February.

“I’m trying to get out of dogs by the end of the year,” she said.

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4 responses to “The darker side of pet shops’ puppy love

  1. companionanimalnews

    Some readers comments:

    “The Government must do something about these puppy farms. Our animal friends deserve better than this – greedy individuals who have no interest or care in the animals welfare -only the money poorly bred animals bring in. They have no care who buys them. So many animals are destroyed annually because homes cannot be found for them, yet these monsters, and they are monsters, are allowed to breed these animals under the most appalling conditions. Please readers NEVER, NEVER buy from Pet shops or Online.”
    “I am not one for BIG BROTHER type intervention in most things, but surely these rackets need a total clean out.with the combined resources of the rspca,council,kennel clubs,reputable breeders etc,the suffering of the animals and new owners could be eliminated. seems that a lot is said about the problem but nothing changes.authorities are just tooth less tigers.”
    “We bought a “hand reared” Cockatiel from a well known NW Sydney pet store. It had its wings clipped to limit its flight. Unfortunately its wings were clipped far too short and it had NO flight ability causing permanenet wing damage. The bird suffered terrible abdominal injuries requiring a secialist vet to perform surgery. The surgeon reported this abuse to the RSPCA who were very good at investigating the source but it should never happen.
    “Puppy farms are evil and the desire for “designer dogs” is also as wicked because it encourages their existence. The governments are unwilling to make a stand for animal welfare and the RSPCA is hamstrung because of weak legislation. The solution lies in exposing each unethical breeder as they crawl out from under their greed and a campaign to discourage the purchase of any animal from petshops (the pushers) and breeders (the dealers). If you want a pet go to your local refuge and rescue one and make a commitment to care for them and love them for up to 18 years.
    ” “I’m trying to get out of dogs by the end of the year,” she said. I’m horrified. These are living beings, who rely on us to provide for them. It states she has 140 dogs, and needs to reduce that number to 10. That’s 130 dogs with nowhere to go, many of whom will end up euthanised probably. All because of someone’s selfish actions. Why have pets become so disposable these days? It is said a country is judged by the way it treats it’s animals – well, Australia must be looked on poorly when they see the way we treat some of ours… Bravo for bringing the dark reality of pet shops to the forefront. Education is the key to stopping the sale of live animals in pet shops, and hence stopping the cruel practice of puppy farming. People need to know the numbers of good, innocent and lovely pets that are being put to sleep everyday – because supply outweighs demand. Pets are for life – treat them as part of your family. Please consider pet adoption and save a life.”
    “Dog pounds are full to the brim with these unwanted minature dogs so think twice before supporting these disgraceful internet puppy traders and petshops. We just purchased a four month old puppy from the pound last week for our family. You’re sure to find the puppy or dog you’re after at the pound eventually. When we went there they had poodles, king charles spaniels, dalmations, minature type dogs, guard dogs – over half of which looked true to pedigree form. Save a dog’s life and go to the pound. If we all did the right thing these back-yard puppy-traders would soon be out of job.”

  2. companionanimalnews

    Carolyn Hudson would love to hear from you…….
    9 Timbertop Road, Glen Oak, N.S.W. 2321
    Telephone: (02)
    Mobile: 0427 322 305

  3. Jan Baker

    Yes I agree go to the pound to get your dog…but mandatory desexing has to be brought in at all pounds Blacktown being one of the worst as our Mayor doesn’t want it!! If these dogs were desexed puppy farmers looking to find a pair of dogs to breed with wouldn’t be interested as the dogs would be desexed before they were sold….bottom line Mandatory desexining in ALL pounds as it is in rescues, RSPCA, AWL……come on everyone we have to fight to get this law brought in & then shut down every PUPPY FARM as they are inhumane & the people that run them have no sympathy or understanding of these dogs needs…..only the mighty $$$$$$

  4. Check out for another analysis regarding puppy farms etc. Interesting topic, such a shame its going on in society!

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