Microchip response to pet over-population problem

Express Advocate; Terry Collins; 9 Feb 2011

INCLUDING point-of-sale information on pet microchip data could help tackle the problem of pet over-population on the Central Coast, environment groups have claimed.

Community Environment Network spokeswoman Louise Greenaway said the group gave cautious support to a proposal from the Pet Industry Association to include details of where a dog was bought on its microchip file.

“The association indicated it would take responsibility for finding homes for dumped or surrendered dogs if a microchip check revealed the animal was first sold through a pet shop accredited by the pet industry,” Ms Greenaway said.

She said the network had included point-of-sale information in microchip data as one of its proposals for an overhaul of the Companion Animals Act promised by the Coalition if it should win the March State Election.

“It came as a pleasant surprise to see that the pet industry had also recognised this as a useful tool,” she said. “Pet overpopulation is a huge problem, not just for the unwanted pets but for the community as a whole.

“Associated problems include wildlife destruction, attacks on people and pets, neighbourhood barking and the disposal of many thousands of tonnes of pet excrement each year.” The Pet Industry Association will release details of the new policy within weeks.

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6 responses to “Microchip response to pet over-population problem

  1. companionanimalnews

    Readers comment:
    “The problem can be eased by stopping all backyard breeders who are flooding the pet stores and newspapers with hundreds of these so-called ‘designer dogs’. This will allow people to buy a registered, pure-bred dog and not a trumped up ‘mongrel’ for some exorbitant price to line the pockets of these unscrupulous money-hungry dog launderers. Pure-breed + pure breed does not equal an exotic, expensive breed, it is ,has been and will always be exactly what it is – a mongrel, and not worth much in the scheme of things except in the love it can give its owners, you can’t breed from them (except for more mongrels) and they are not registrable so why do people pay these ridiculous prices for them? When I was a kid, if a pure bred got out and had puppies to another sort of breed, the owners would give the pups away as they were worth nothing to them, and that’s how it should be today, sell it for what its worth i.e. vaccinations and worming and not a 500% mark up. Wake up people and refuse to pay for these mongrels and the trade will die as quickly as its grown.”

  2. Simone Hewitt

    I reject regulation it does not work people.
    Banning pet store sales of new borns is a major step to a solution to the human pet over population problem. Having pet stores responsible for dumped pets is absurd where will they house fully grown pets?
    More suffering for the dog great, all so PIAA can have more members. How can a self regulating group of profit driven members have a say in this. clover Moore bill is a major positive step to lower high euthanasia. people will always buy mongrels or pure breeds in stores if they are there. It’s like buying a TV if it’s on display and you like it one will buy it. The only pets that should be sold in retail are rescue or shelter pound pets. Leave puppy farmers to advertise online and this is where the RSPCA can then find them and regulate and inspect them. There are no hidden methods to selling, you can’t sell a secret, therefore puppy farmers will online sell, just take away their shop front windows being PIAA and non PIAA members.

  3. “The association indicated it would take responsibility for finding homes for dumped or surrendered dogs if a microchip check revealed the animal was first sold through a pet shop accredited by the pet industry,”
    Rich indeed.
    I have just checked PIAA’s web site and they now have a total of 6, read it and weep, 6 accredited pet shops throughout the entire country. WOW.
    So on the off chance that one of the thousands of dogs which have been dumped can be traced back to one of this miniscule number of PIAA accredited shops, PIAA will take responsibility for them.
    Their generosity is only comparable to their stance on the continuation of the mass breeding of pets for the pet shop trade.
    All care but no responsibility.
    As long as the press continues to defer to and believe that PIAA is a legitimate voice of animal welfare in this country, we are barking up the wrong tree.

  4. Annelies Craig

    With the PIA only have a total of 6 accredited shops to their name what faith do we have in this proposal, absolutely none, and if they think that this is an incentive to shop owners coming onboard and joining their association they can think again. Do the PIA honestly think that pet shop owners will help rehome an unwanted dog after it has passed its used by date……I hardly think so. The real issue is being steam rolled here. The real issue is puppy farm mills, pets being sold in shops, backyard breeders and irresponsible owners not getting their cat/dog desexed or microchipped. Ms Greenaway is right, pet overpopulation is a huge problem but what is behind it all – money. However in regard to her following statements “Associated problems include wildlife destruction, attacks on people and pets, neighbourhood barking and the disposal of many thousands of tonnes of pet excrement each year.” The biggest destroyer of our habitat is development which seems to be going ahead with little respect for the environment, so much so that most development sites are stripped totally bare. Not to mention road kill. Her comment in regard to ‘attacks on people and pets’, well, one only needs to read the paper every day and see who attacks whom the most and we certainly don’t see these people being put down, nooooooooooo they sit in our jails with three meals per day, a bed, often come out with a Degree all funded by us tax payers. But what of those people that abuse animals, well, they just get a slap over the wrist, and as for their fines,they just don’t pay them. One only has to look at what RSPCA is owed in outstanding fines. As for her comment in regard to ‘excrement each year’ when was the last time Ms Greenaway went to the dump – disposable nappies are by the millions of tonnes. The real environmental issues/problems today are caused by humans not by dogs . As for dogs barking, give me a dog barking any day compared to screaming uncontrolled kids, shitty music, people with mobile phones to their ears and loud mouthed neighbours.
    My thoughts anyway from a mongrel loving lady………

  5. christy

    I think this is a great beginning but would like it extended to cats as well. Point of sale information plus breeder reg number will ensure also if pets are found and cannot be traced back to its last owner they can then trace it forward.

  6. Lynn Reece

    This response comes from another MONGREL LOVING LADY.!!! First Cristy – do you do anything at all with animals or rescue or just sit there and write a tiny bit of rubbish with no NAME!

    Ms Greenway is involved with the envoiroment? Then stick to what she is supposed to be doing and not making stupid comments. The ruin of the envoirenment has been caused BY HUMANS (IDIOT HUMANS) Animals do not destroy the land so they can buil d new housing developments on it and rape the earth for mineral and strip away the lungs of the earth – the forest and rainforest. NO NO NO NO NO NO ITS STUPID HUMANS.

    As the reply from Annelies Craig said go out to the land fills – stop the Plastic take over – stop stripping the earth and LEAVE THE ANIMALS ALONE – ESPECIALLY WHEN A CERTAIN MS GREEWAY HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ANIMALS AND FROM THE SOUNDS OF THINGS DOES NOT LIKE THEM!!!!! I also would much prefer to sit next to humans with a dog at a cafe than somebody and their screaming little uncontrolled kids, or some idiot yelling into their Mobile phone – at least animals are polite, clean, loving and do not destroy the earth. Lets leave the destruction of the earth to the (most) idiot humans.

    A proud Mongrel loving lady!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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