Dutch introduce 500 animal rights police

National Post, Canada, March 4th 2011

Animal abusers in the Netherlands will have more to worry about as lawmakers in that country introduce 500 police officers dedicated to monitoring animal rights.

The taskforce was inspired by Animal Cops, a TV show on Animal Planet that chronicles the work of animal rescue officers in the U.S. The Dutch initiative was championed by Geert Wilders, Holland’s influential far-right lawmaker, and a small animal rights party that holds seats in that country’s upper and lower houses.

Germany’s Der Spiegel has more in this article:

As part of the government coalition agreement signed in the Netherlands last fall, Wilders pushed for the 3,000 officers who were once slated to be cut from the police force to be retained, but with 500 of them reassigned to work on animal welfare issues. It was reportedly the pet issue of Dion Graus, a PVV member of the House of Representatives.

The new “animal police” will consist of regular police officers, with the same powers, but with special training that is still being developed, said Job van der Sande, spokesperson for the Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice. The first 100 should be in place by the end of the year.

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One response to “Dutch introduce 500 animal rights police

  1. Jan Baker

    Well the Netherland animals will have rights now! What a great move towards prosecuting these people that abuse animals. Just what we need here in Australia….a Law that stands up for the animals……. a Law that can put these mongrel people where they belong…(behind bars) let them know that they will not get away with abusing, starving & neglecting animals…….a BIG step forward…..it is ashame that Australia is behind in these Laws……our animals are still suffering!!

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