Lovable mutts mates for life

Herald Sun; Katherine Firkin; March 23, 2011

TWO lovable mutts are back together thanks to a Facebook campaign after one ended up at death’s door and the other in a different state.

Sparkles and Lucky were inseparable for almost a decade. But, after being surrendered to a busy pound late last year, the gorgeous dogs were split up.

Lucky, the cheeky Jack Russell cross, was adopted. But nobody wanted poor Sparkles, who is mostly staffie.

After a couple of weeks Sparkles was so devastated at the loss of her long-time mate that her health deteriorated. She started pulling out her fur and stopped eating.

On the day Sparkles was to be put down, dog rescuer Judy McGrath saw her profile online and decided to save her. Ms McGrath brought Sparkles to Melbourne, but she still pined for her lost mate.

“You could tell she was still grieving for her friend. She would stare out at the horizon and wouldn’t interact with other dogs at all.”

After a long hunt, which included a Facebook campaign, Ms McGrath found Lucky, who had been rescued by an animal welfare group in Sydney.

But a planned reunion between the devoted girls hit a bump when Lucky became seriously ill.

“Just as she arrived in Victoria she contracted gastroenteritis. She was kept in hospital on a drip for several days. I really feared for her,” Ms McGrath said.

Lucky pulled through but Ms McGrath was left with a vet’s bill of about $1500. “I was lucky that the girls had built up a big Facebook following and many people were kind enough to donate money towards her vet bill.”

 With Lucky back to full health, the girls finally had their emotional reunion.

“They recognised each other straight away. They’ve been kissing each other and playing. They’ve been inseparable ever since.”

Lucky and Sparkles have been renamed Teagan and Layla, and need a new home.

 “The new owner would ideally be at home often to give the girls the attention and love they need,” Ms McGrath said.

Anyone interested in adopting the pair can visit http://www.petrescue.com.au/view/99794.

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3 responses to “Lovable mutts mates for life

  1. Jan Baker

    I hope very much that someone can take these 2 beautiful dogs & give them a forever loving home…….I have an old GSD nearly 12 & a 6 year old GSD & unfortunately they just would not get on with these two……I only wish that I had a property that I could take more dogs ……I know a lot of people think the same thing……I will put them in my prayers tonight & just maybe a little miracle might happen……good luck Sparkles & Lucky xx

  2. selwyn marock

    We all hope they stay to-gether,Luv them both .Good luck and we all hope the right thing is done.

  3. Lisa J Ryan

    As well as the page 3 story below (Melbourne Herald Sun), Layla and Teagan’s story will feature in Issue 16 of “That’s Life!” magazine, available in shops on Wednesday 13th April, but dated 20th April on the cover. It is a double page spread!! Please buy it and pass it around to spread the word to raise public awareness of the plight of all animals, and particularly older animals, in death row pounds.

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