NSW kills 150 dogs and cats each day

Media Release: Doggie Rescue, NSW, March 23, 2011


NSW Government has released new statistics revealing that 76,000 cats and dogs ended up in council pounds last year.  Shockingly, only half of them made it out alive.


Of the 50,000 dogs that landed in NSW pounds, 15,500 were killed there.


If you are a cat in NSW, your prospects are even bleaker: 26,000 cats entered the pound and 67% were destroyed.  The kill rate is more than double that of dogs.


“These latest statistics from the NSW Government are horrific,” says Monika Biernacki of the No-Kill charity Doggie Rescue, one on the tireless rescue groups who account for the lives that are saved.


“Yet we continue to breed more and more puppies each year.  Why?  Many of these puppies just end up losing their lives the very next year.”


Sadly these statistics only account for council run pounds.  When you add the number of cats and dogs killed in the other large shelters, such as RSPCA, NSW Animal Welfare League and Cat Protection Society, the numbers grow astronomically.


The total number of dogs and cats that found themselves in either a pound or shelter last year was 123,000.  More than 57,000 were killed.


 “This translates to more than 150 dogs and cats killed each day,” says Monika.  “I don’t know how the citizens of NSW can live with that.”

Animal welfare groups are calling for a radical overhaul of regulations governing the breeding and sale of animals for profit.  “If we don’t stop the breeding, we don’t stop the killing” says Monika. “It is in the hands of each and every one of us. Adopt a homeless pet and share the joys of this rewarding experience.”



DoggieRescue.com is a registered charity, in operation since 2001 with the primary objective to save dogs from death row from council pounds. It has a strict No Kill philosophy and relies heavily on volunteers for all operational aspects. DoggieRescue has saved more than 9,500 dogs from death row from council pounds around Sydney and has some 200 dogs looking for homes.




For more information call Doggie Rescue founder – Monika Biernacki – 9486 3133 or 0429 044 484



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9 responses to “NSW kills 150 dogs and cats each day

  1. What does this say about us as a society? Those in power have a lot ot answer for. This is an absolute disgrace. To treat animals like a toy you can just throw away when you dont want it just shows how barbaric humans really are.

  2. Gloria Foxley

    The kill rates at council pounds would be significantly higher if it weren’t for private animal rescue groups. This begs the question, how many animals are council pounds themselves rehoming. My suspicion is, not many. Killing is far easier.

  3. Pamela.

    It’s way past the time to ban backyard breeding of cats and dogs; and to make desexing mandatory. These poor babies don’t ask to be born, it’s we humans that domesticated them and we need to take responsible action by implementing spay and neuter laws immediately. Humans are cruel, apathetic and greedy. They always take the easy way out; kill, kill, kill. I’m ashamed to be one of that grubby species.

  4. Annelies Craig

    This is absolutely horrendous…cats and dogs are not disposible items. It makes my heart bleed when I read items like this. Yes what does it say about us humans….not much I’m afraid.

  5. Vivienne

    Why is mandatory desexing and mandatory microchipping always put in the “too hard” basket? This record is brutal and horrendous. Humans have a lot to be accountable for. How shameful we treat these throw-away animals, a symptom of a careless and callous society. The pet industry remains almost totally unregulated, and puppies continue to be bred in factory farms to supply pet shops. They are treated as shelf items, with no concerns about overpopulation and a saturated market. The “death row” of pets is a sad and horrific judgment of our our throw-away society.

  6. Francis G

    Kristina Keneally refused to endorse legislation to make the mandatory desexing of companion animals into law. She gave an emphatic “no” saying it would have to include rats and mice?
    This dismal record is certainly nothing for NSW to be proud of. There are many good organisations picking up the tabs, and trying to make ends meet for the negligence of politicians. Pets such as dogs and cats are treated as other commodity on the market. Such is the cold commercial attitudes of shop keepers interested in dollars and not the ethics of pet ownership.

  7. Jan Baker

    Blacktown pound is one pound that does not want to have volunteers to help with these animals as they will know too much & maybe tell the public just what is going on at the pound…..volunteers & rescues help these animals get adopted & taken out of the grips of council pounds……council don’t care if they get adopted or euthanased it is just a job…..the ones at the top have no idea what goes on in their pounds & they don’t want to know…..as mandatory desexing, getting rid of the tender system goes in the too hard basket!! that will not happen unless we storm Blacktown Council & demand that something be done to help these animals……volunteers are the humane people who want to help these animals get a chance in life……but council can’t work with them as they are only the people that do all the HARD WORK!!….so many dogs at blacktown pound do NOT get walked or exercised….this is not good for dogs being cooped up in their kennels all day they need to exercise their bodies & their minds…..we need stronger laws to help protect these animals….

  8. diane michel

    We have a new State government, which makes much of its ambition to govern with fairness and decency. The commitment to improve life for humans is commendable. An even more convincing proof of good government would be humane concern for those who live among us without a voting voice. For pity’ s sake, it surely is time to end the killing of unwanted pets which so often is caused by uncontrolled breeding of puppies and kittens for sale.

  9. Ms Lee Borbas

    The RSPCA needs to focus on enforcing legislation, to be approved federally, that ensures that dogs and cats in pet shops be already desexed before they are purchased by prospective owners. Once the pets are purchased, it is nearly impossible to have the animals desexed.

    This is the only way to ensure that the number of animals put down is reduced dramatically. It is cruel and sad to witness the number of dogs and cats that are put down every year, especially the “young ones”. Are they born to die quickly? The Govt has the means to improve this situation.

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