Puppy shame

Western Weekender; March 25, 2011, BY LAUREN GRIMSON

Pet shop puppies may be cute, but what’s the real story?
It’s not often we give much thought to where the cute puppy in the pet store window comes from, or where it goes if it’s not sold.
Many pet store animals come from “mills” – commercial breeding facilities where animals are forced to vie for space in filthy, disease-ridden enclosures.
They are then forced to spend the following months in pet shop displays until they are bought or euthenased.

Animal Liberation NSW Campaign Manager, Jacqueline Dalziell, said the solution comes down to a change of federal legislation – an ideal that will feature as the cornerstone of the Animal Liberation NSW 2011 puppy mill campaign.
Ms Dalziell said Sydney Lord Mayor and Greens MP Clover Moore’s Animals Regulation of Sale Bill, which aims to ban the sale of cats and dogs in pet shops and further regulate the breeding industry, is the answer to the problem.
With the help of retail store, Lush, Animal Liberation NSW will kickstart their 2011puppy mill campaign today.

Until March 31, Lush staff will Be collecting signatures for Clover Moore’s Animals Regulation of Sale Bill, which will be presented to Federal Parliament next year.

Ms Dalziell will speak at Lush, Penrith Westfield, this Saturday.


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  1. politicians have no emapathy or compassion that is why there is all this cruelty. Until we find better politicians nothing will happen. Join the Animal Justice Party and be their voice.

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