Ashfield: rescued cats need homes

Inner West Courier; AlexWard; 11 April 11

AFTER following a lone, stray kitten home, Ann-Marie Calilhanna was overwhelmed by what she found.

A colony of 22 cats, including five kittens whose mother had died, were living between buildings.

Every day since, Ms Calilhanna has fed the sick and emaciated animals.

“I just couldn’t walk away,” the Ashfield resident said. Ms Calilhanna desexed, vaccinated and microchipped all of the cats and has found a new home for some.

She is appealing for help to find homes for 12 remaining cats, aged between one and five years old.

“The cats need owners who live in a quiet environment and have time to look after them,” Ms Calilhanna said.

There are thousands of cat colonies across Sydney, especially in Ashfield, Ms Calilhanna said. ‘

‘There are colonies in every single suburb,” she said.

“I can’t save all the cats in the world, but I’ve taken on this project and it’s been a big commitment and also very rewarding.”

She contacted several animal welfare groups without luck.

“I’ve been fighting hard to keep them alive,” Ms Calilhanna said.

“Some 2000 cats are put down every day.” Two colonies of cats live with Ms Calilhanna and she cannot fit anymore.

“They’ve settled really well. Colony cats tend to want to merge with other cats in general,” she said.

Adoption Criteria:
Preferably homed in pairs;
Quiet environment;
A patient, compassionate owner with time to look after the animals;
Experience looking after cats;
Preferably no small children;
If this sounds like you call Ms Calilhanna on 0420 222 137.
For information visit

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2 responses to “Ashfield: rescued cats need homes

  1. Jan Baker

    What a wonderful Lady…..why isn’t Ashfield Council doing something to help with these cats……I just wonder if council’s care about the stray animals that wander their community… might cost them money to do something… plays a big part in these councils….if it is going to cost them then nothing gets done….typical of councils…

  2. Mon Pung

    You are a true caring person. Thank you for looking after these innocent kitty’s. I would love to take a couple ,however our home is already booked out with a few furry felines.

    I truly hope you are successful in finding suitable homes for a feline friends.

    Why don’t stupid owners get their animals desexed, that is the whole problem

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