Media release, ACT Greens, 4 May 2011

The Government and the Liberal Party combined today to vote down a Greens’ Bill that would have addressed unregulated and unethical breeding and selling of cats and dogs in the ACT. The problem causes the abandonment, suffering and euthanizing of thousands of animals in Canberra every year.
“I can’t believe the Government and the Liberals would vote against these important animal welfare reforms and let the suffering of animals continue,” said Greens TAMS spokesperson, Caroline Le Couteur.
“The Government and Liberals today chose inaction, backed with a series of mistruths spun about the Greens’ Bill in order to justify voting down the reforms.”
“The Greens’ Bill had the support of the animal welfare community and the general community. Through our comprehensive consultation process, we received over 50 mostly supportive submissions. That is more than the Government received through its entire waste strategy consultation.”
“The Government pretended the Bill only regulated pet stores and would create a black market in pet sales. In fact, the Bill was almost entirely focused on the hidden world of animal breeding and animal selling. The Government has simply voted to maintain this situation.

“The initiatives Labor and Liberal voted against today include:
• Licensing of cat and dog breeders, and mandatory standards for breeding operations
• Mandatory desexing of pets on point of sale
• Improved animal cruelty laws
• A new system of microchip traceability to ensure breeders are known
• Regulation of the advertising of animals for sales
• Outlawing selling of cats and dogs in pet stores, markets, fetes and other problem areas.

“The Government’s spin about its own efforts on animal welfare are ridiculous; it can point to absolutely nothing it has done on this issue, despite years of rhetoric, promises and media photo opportunities with animals.

“Given all the broken promises, and their repeated spruiking of pet industry lines, we have no faith that the Government is genuine about reforms to protect animals,” Ms Le Couteur said.



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  1. companionanimalnews

    Once again the animals are caught in second position behind politics. I listened to the “debate “live. It was awful I have to say. The Liberal speech was unbelieveably bad – they could not have read the Bill at all. In our view this govt has been caught asleep – they promised this and that last year, and nothing has been forthcoming. And so the Greens have prepared an excellent Bill, they gained heaps of submissions and consulted widely, contrary to Stanhopes claims. For him to put in writing that the Greens Bill “aims solely at the visible trade in animals such as pet shops” is pathetic in the extreme.

    The reality, we surmise, is that his use of cliches proferred by the pro-pet shop lobby and vested interests – who we know with certaintly lobby governments in every state, – points to a protection of commercial interests strategy and zero focus on the animals.

    He says he is commited to improving animal welfare conditions ( how easy do those words slide off the tongues of politicians?) – so lets all demand he puts his money where his mouth is.

    Good on the Greens for a job well done and shame on the Labor and Liberal Ministers.

  2. Lou Beaumont

    Terrible news for all who have worked so tirelessly to bring about these reforms. What is wrong with these politicians, what will it take to make them see what is really going on in animal welfare? I hope their campaign results are indicative of their actions at the next election. Shame, shame, shame. They had the chance to set the way – hopefully they will have to follow when States with more responsible government set it first.

  3. E J Hutton

    Follow the money and influence trail.
    We know who to vote for in the next election. A party with a conscience -can only be the Greens. Don’t agree with all your policies but this one is a winner.

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