Dispute is brewing

Blacktown Sun, 16 May 2011

THERE are “rebels in the ranks”, Cr Russ Dickens believes, at the Blacktown Animal Holding Facility.He had asked last week about a dispute between volunteers at the pound and its management.

Many of those volunteers and other residents planned to air their grievances at an Urban Animals Advisory Committee meeting scheduled for Monday.

The meeting was postponed at the last minute by its chairman, mayor Allan Pendleton, who had to attend an awards ceremony.

Mariette Blackmore, a volunteer who was sacked from walking and grooming animals at the pound, criticised the decision.

“[The mayor] has been trying to black out whatever the committee advises, if he doesn’t agree with it”, she said.

Cr Dickens, a vet, is on the committee with the mayor and Cr Julie Griffith. He had not been given a reason why the meeting was not going ahead and said he or Cr Griffith could have chaired it.

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3 responses to “Dispute is brewing

  1. companionanimalnews

    Readers’ comments:
    “There are ‘rats in the ranks,’ in the council ranks. Dear Cr Dickens, rebels is an understatement to what is going on in the public arena regarding your council. However, you are the only councillor to speak to the public regarding these animal welfare and very public issues. Spending $3 million on Chinese Gardens, was that a public decision? Spending nothing on animal welfare, yet charging for lives by a tender system, is that a public decision?
    Anyone could have held that meeting, for a public who are desperate to be heard, to offer improvements, time, money, anything. But yet, they are gagged. Excuses flow freely, while the voiceless die. Animals tendered, waiting to be collected, killed, deemed to ill. Killed for infections, because no one wants them? They are wanted! And sacking volunteers, this is just beyond comprehension that this man is mayor, stands to represent his people, when he will not listen.”

    “Mayor Pendleton, you are a disgrace. When are you going to introduce mandatory desexing of animals sold by the pound? When are you going to stop selling undesexed dogs to backyard breeders on a tender system. Stop sacking volunteers. It’s time to move forward and start saving the lives of our companion animals. If you are not prepared to do this then step aside and let someone else do it.”

  2. Jan Baker

    There is a change needed in this council…..why can one man stop everything that would be good for the animals in the pound….why isn’t anyone standing up to him & saying WE WANT CHANGES!! As a ratepayer I do NOT want a chinese garden in my community as there are other more important things to be done by the council & the pound is one of them……pay to put more staff on, let volunteers who are experienced & want to be there to help…not people just wanting to be a volunteer for the fun of it….why are people put off when they voice their opinion about the problems at the pound……what is council frightened of….what are they hiding…..well it is all coming out now…..so Mr Pendleton & your cronies you had better duck for cover!!!!!!!!!

  3. selwyn marock

    WTG Guys,rid Councils of Mayors of this calibre.

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