RSPCA (WA) funding doubled by State Government

Government of Western Australia
Department of the Premier and Cabinet – Premier- Media Statement; 15/5/2011

The State Government will boost funding to the RSPCA to aid its work in protecting and promoting the welfare of animals in Western Australia.

Premier Colin Barnett, speaking today at the annual RSPCA Million Paws Walk at Sir James Mitchell Park, said the Liberal-National Government would increase its annual funding of the RSPCA by $250,000, taking the total to $500,000 a year.

“The RSPCA is a well respected community-based organisation which helps to promote care and prevent cruelty to animals,” Mr Barnett said.

“The strong presence of animal owners at events such as the Million Paws Walk today highlights the importance the WA community places on spending time with their pets and making sure they are well cared for.

“Sadly, not all animal owners have the same standards of care and that’s where the RSPCA plays such an important role in promoting awareness and where necessary, undertaking prosecutions.”

The funding will be conditional and delivered through agreed animal welfare education and compliance activities.

Mr Barnett said these activities were in addition to compliance, education and promotion activities undertaken by the State Government.

Media contact: Joanne Webber – 9222 9475


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One response to “RSPCA (WA) funding doubled by State Government

  1. companionanimalnews

    ..and here ..of the media statement in reply by the opposition:

    “Monday, 16 May 2011 RSPCA funding too little, too late

    Premier Colin Barnett’s announcement of funding for the RSPCA is almost three years overdue, Member for Maylands and animal welfare advocate Lisa Baker said today.

    Ms Baker said the increase in funding from $250,000 to $500,000, was a Labor election promise in 2008 that the Barnett Government had refused to match until now.

    “The election of the Barnett Government has cost the RSPCA $750,000 in lost funding while waiting for Mr Barnett to decide that animals deserved more protection,” she said.

    “In the meantime, WA Labor has tabled reports in Parliament and horrific pictures demonstrating the ongoing neglect, abuse and torture of animals in Western Australia.

    “In the time it has taken the Barnett Government to increase funding, a huge number of animals have suffered serious acts of cruelty.

    “The lives, welfare and wellbeing of animals is being neglected by this heartless government.”

    Ms Baker said the Barnett Government had an appalling record of cutting animal welfare initiatives after it still refused to reinstate the staff it cut from the Animal Welfare Unit.

    “Since taking Government, the Barnett Government has repeatedly refused to fund the six inspectors jobs required by the Animal Welfare Unit to monitor the welfare of animals in transportation,” she said.

    “Among other duties, these officers are required to monitor and inspect animals arriving at Fremantle port for export and ensuring live animal exporters comply with animal welfare laws.

    “The neglect of animals being transported from farm gate to abattoirs, ports or feed lots continues as none of the extra funding to the RSPCA replaces the jobs that Barnett Government has failed to fund in the Animal Welfare Unit in the Department of Local Government.

    “Mr Barnett continues to ignore the well documented abuse of animals in these circumstances.

    “These animals are just as deserving of protection as our pets and companion animals and the Barnett Government should reinstate funding for the staff it has cut.”

    Media Contact: Lisa Baker 0417 929 561

    Member for Maylands ”

    Amy McKenna
    Communications Advisor
    Leader of the Opposition – Eric Ripper MLA

    tel: 9222 7460 | mob: 0409 111 905
    after hours/weekends: 0417 306 221

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