Dearth of pet-friendly homes in Sydney affects death toll

Central Sydney – 24 May 11 @ 01:35pm by Aimee Scott

A shortage of pet-friendly accommodation in Sydney is a significant contributor to the high pet death toll, according to Kristina Vesk of the NSW Cat Protection Society.
“We get many cats surrendered to us because of the lack of pet friendly accommodation and adoption is declining,” she said.
She said that a cat or a dog who sleeps for 18 hours a day was not necessarily a bad tenant. “We have to change this idea of two legs good, four legs bad. It comes down to human rights issue.

For some people – older people, isolated people, people with mental health issues – their pet can be their lifeline. To deny them that is wrong.”

According to Ms Vesk, legal reform to ban pet restrictions in rental agreements and allow pet bonds would save the lives of thousands of animals.

Ms Vesk co-ordinated the recent Getting to Zero euthanasia workshop at Parliament House along with Tim Vasudeva of the Sydney Dogs and Cats Home.
Getting to Zero is a community-wide approach to improving animal welfare outcomes. It is founded on three principles: that each community takes responsibility for saving its abandoned animals; that it is possible to get closer to zero each year; and that all cats and dogs are equally deserving of our utmost efforts to preserve and enhance their lives.
A website will be launched in the next few weeks.

PET WELFARE MOTIONLong-time animal welfare champion MP and Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore has put saving dogs and cats back on the agenda in parliament.
Last week Ms Moore gave notice of a motion to set up an inquiry on companion animal welfare.
The proposed inquiry would consider issues such as euthanasia rates, mandatory desexing and the impact of pet bans in accommodation.
Ms Moore also hosted the Getting to Zero workshop at Parliament House, which explored how the community can reduce pet euthanasia rates. About 60,000 dogs and cats are put down in NSW a year.
“An inquiry will give people like you, who care about animals and want to get to zero euthanasia, a chance to inform politicians about the state of companion animal welfare and to provide solutions,” Ms Moore said.
She also highlighted the fact that the Coalition supported an inquiry while in opposition.

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One response to “Dearth of pet-friendly homes in Sydney affects death toll

  1. selwyn marock

    Of course this is true,but what must be realised us perfect humans are the master race,we do not want these Dirty creatures in our shopping centres,on our beaches,in our accommodation establishments.
    I understand that G-D, gave us the perfect humans, an exclusive-use agreement to this planet.
    I do beleive that had Adolph Hitler had started his campaign about 70 years later, we, the perfect humans would now all be speaking German.

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