Residents demand change after dog’s needless death

Blacktown Sun; CALLAN LAWRENCE 06 Jun, 2011

A BLACKTOWN resident claims a recent mix-up at the council’s pound resulted in a dog being unnecessarily killed.Vicki Goulding said the dog’s death underlined why significant changes needed to be made at the pound as soon as possible.

She said she called the pound late one afternoon three weeks ago because volunteers had told her one of the dogs was going to be destroyed.

She told an employee that she would rescue the dog but when she arrived the next day it had already been killed.

“We turned up at 10.30am the next morning and the picture [of the dog] was still on its cage but it wasn’t there,” Mrs Goulding said.

“I asked where she was and they said it had been put down. I was there to take it.”

Mrs Goulding is one of about 1500 people who have signed a petition calling for changes at the pound.

Many of the petitioners will be at the council’s rescheduled Urban Companion Animals Management Advisory Sub-Committee meeting next Thursday.

Residents and councillors hope a report on mandatory desexing and the tendering system that was commissioned more than a year ago will be tabled at the meeting.

Petitioner Elizabeth McLachlan, of Kings Park, believes the tendering system turns prospective pet owners away because they have to wait for other bidders.

A former pound volunteer, Mariette Blackmore, said backyard “animal farmers” regularly out-bid people and recouped their costs by breeding pets for sale.

Cr Leo Kelly said recently that the pound was one of the best in the state, if not the country.

But he said things could always be improved and he hoped the report placated people’s concerns.

Last year, 3819 dogs were taken to the pound and 753 were destroyed. Of the 3988 cats held, 3037 were killed.

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2 responses to “Residents demand change after dog’s needless death

  1. companionanimalnews

    “Cr Leo Kelly said recently that the pound was one of the best in the state, if not the country.” …………….. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE JOKING!!!!

    • Jan Baker

      Obviously Cr Kelly you haven’t been there lately or ever!!..I have been over this week a few times & there were not enough staff, 3 volunteers on ONE occasion….what is Blacktown Council stalling for….Mayor Pendleton doesn’t like desexing his dog & feels that people should have a choice….Mmmm Mr Pendleton I think you have an issue problem!!!!!!!!!! I spoke to a lady who was waiting at the counter to adopt a cat, they told her she would have to put a tender on it….what is a tender she asked? when they told her…she said that is ridiculous why can’t I just buy the cat now….bring in Mandatory desexing & abolish the tender system…..close puppy farms & pet shops that sell dogs & cats……then maybe just maybe we might be able to cut down the many animals that are taken to the pound & PTS…….it has to start somewhere….Blacktown Council it is YOUR responsibility!

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