Felines more popular than pooches at animal shelter

The Examiner; BY MANIKA DADSON; 20 Jun, 2011
 THE RSPCA has seen a dramatic increase in adoption levels. The Launceston centre yesterday reported it had 822 adoptions so far this financial year, compared with 645 at the same time in 2010.

And although it may appear that dogs and puppies receive the most media attention for the organisation, figures show that cats are the most popular adoption pet.

Launceston manager Lorraine Hamilton said 418 cats and kittens had been adopted this financial year – nearly 50 more than dogs and puppies.

“We certainly get more cats and kittens than dogs,” Ms Hamilton said.

“I think that’s mostly down to the fact that there’s still so much, what I call, indiscriminate breeding of cats.”

She said many cats that the shelter received had been from abandoned litters or were ones that breeders couldn’t sell.

“If owners just de- sexed their pets, it could stop a lot of problems we have,” Ms Hamilton said.

The Launceston centre yesterday had 176 animals at its shelter: 66 dogs, 103 cats, two ponies, two rabbits and three guinea pigs.

Ms Hamilton said the centre had more visitors in recent months.

“I think the key is to engage the community, let them see what we do and welcome them in to help them chose an appropriate pet,” she said.

•For more information or to adopt a pet, call the Launceston centre on 63328200.


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