Who’s gunna save me?

7 pm Project June 16 2011

Tonight, the 7PM Project takes a look at the ongoing issue of the fate of animals in animal shelters.

Millions of Aussie homes own companion animals. But hundreds of thousands of animals end up in animal shelters every year. If no home can be found for them, they are put down.

Many factors lead to the huge numbers being dumped at shelters, including unwanted litters borne by animals that haven’t been desexed, and poor identification or registration of pets making reunion with ‘lost’ owners difficult.

Many owners also find that the adorable puppy or kitten who pawed longingly at them in the pet shop window has grown into a mature animal that they are unwilling, or unable, to keep.

Less appreciated, perhaps, are the reasons why so many animals never make it back out of the shelter.

Consumers persist in buying pets from highly-visible pet shops, which in many cases support a breeding industry at the expense of the lost souls at the local animal shelter.

The image problem doesn’t help: some people perceive animals rescued from shelters inevitably as mongrels, runts, perhaps unruly or flea-ridden.

In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. Many animals in shelters are pure-breeds, or at least as adorable as any cross-breed available from a backyard breeder or pet shop.

In many cases, they’ve been wormed, spayed and toilet-trained. Shelters such as those run by the RSPCA also give temperament and health checks to ‘inmates’ to make sure they’ll be good pets if they ever get parole.

If you want to do your bit to rescue an animal, you can start at http://www.petrescue.com.au/.

And, hey… spare a thought for the ugly ones.

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One response to “Who’s gunna save me?

  1. Jan Baker

    Well a good start would be euthanasing every dog & cat that is adopted from a pound….Blacktown Council will not do this…..they say that people should have a choice….not the animals….they say that it will cost too much to desex these animals…..but local vets are quiet happy to put a standard price on each desexing…as well as the ones that go to the University……Councils have to take on the responsibility of desexing these animals before they leave the pounds…..this will help stop a over population of dogs & cats in our community….not all animal owners are responsible people…..so unfortunately councils have to take on that job so as to cut down the euthanasing of so many innocent animals that come through their pounds…..pet shops & puppy farms are working together to flood the community with animals that they are making money out of…..close puppy farms & stop pet shops from selling dogs & cats….I just wish we had a government with guts that would do the right thing….alas we haven’t ….

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