On a mission to help greyhounds

Sunshine Coast Daily 30th June

WHEN Katrina Koutsellis first laid eyes on Tazzie, she fell in love.

Then just eight months old, the greyhound was a gentle, quiet puppy that fit into the family with ease.

She is also one of the lucky ones.

Before meeting Tazzie, and later adopting Rolf through the Friends of the Hound Inc, Ms Koutsellis was unaware of the plight of greyhounds across South-east Queensland, many of whom are bred for racing only to fail to make the cut.

Since then, the Cooran resident has poured her heart and soul into the volunteer-run organisation and risen to the rank of vice-president.

Friends of the Hound aims to rescue as many greyhounds as they can from pounds and also take in greyhounds from caring breeders and owners who wish to see a happy life for their dogs.

It exists on the kindness of foster carers and public donations, but the dedicated group managed to re-home 92 dogs last year.

Its work is so highly valued, there is a waiting list of greyhounds hoping for a chance at a second lease on life in a “forever home”.

“Greyhounds have suffered from so many misconceptions that they are an aggressive dog and people don’t think about what happens to them after racing,” Ms Koutsellis said.

Ms Koutsellis said they were desperate for sponsorship, funding and volunteers to help the small not-for-profit organisation.

To find out how you can help, email Katrina or visit the Friends of the Hound website.


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