Landmark action against backyard dog breeder – Fay Armstrong

Media Statement; Gov of WA; 7 Jul 2011

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A backyard dog breeder has settled action in the Supreme Court by undertaking not to sell diseased animals, or any animal which has not been vet-checked and vaccinated, in the first injunction action of its kind in Australia.

The legal action against Fay Marie Armstrong, by WA’s Commissioner for Consumer Protection, was the first to be brought under the new Australian Consumer Law (WA), which became fully active on 1 January 2011.

Ms Armstrong, who operates out of her home in Spearwood, signed an enforceable undertaking, which means she can only sell animals which have been certified as healthy by a vet, are vaccinated and free from illnesses such as parvovirus, hepatitis, distemper, parainfluenza and bordatellabronciosepta.

Commissioner from Consumer Protection Anne Driscoll said the consequences of breaching these Supreme Court undertakings would be serious.

“Ms Armstong could face compensation orders and even imprisonment if she fails to sell  only dogs  that  are  in  good  health.  She  is  now required to  provide proper certification that confirms they are in good health” Ms Driscoll said.

“We felt this action against Ms Armstrong was necessary after numerous reports from consumers who had bought animals from her, only to find their new pets were dying, or very ill, with contagious diseases.             Some had to have their pets put down, while others paid for expensive vet treatment.”

The Commissioner advised consumers to have animals they plan to purchase examined or certified by a veterinarian to help ensure they are healthy at the time of sale.

“Animals with  diseases and health problems should not  be  sold  to  unsuspecting buyers and pets which have been given proper care should not die only a few weeks after purchase,” she said.

“Traders can argue that the animal may have contracted the condition after purchase so a pre-purchase health check is strongly recommended.

“Sellers of pets should understand that the offer of a refund of the purchase price is not always appropriate, as the buyer may have formed an emotional attachment to the pet  and  may  not  want  to  return  it.  Therefore,  the  trader  should  expect  to  be responsible for reasonable vet bills when conditions existed in animals at the time of sale.”

Businesses can find more information about their responsibilities under the Australian Consumer  Law  at  There  is  also advice about consumer rights, including an online publication called ‘A consumer’s guide to buying a pet’.

A hard copy of the brochure can be obtained by calling 1300 3040 54 or emailing .


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2 responses to “Landmark action against backyard dog breeder – Fay Armstrong

  1. companionanimalnews

    This could be a good tool to fight BackYardBreeders – it sets a legal precedent that can be applied to others.

  2. Proud womon

    sadly she can still breed though – which means dogs still get used as breeding machines…

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