Supporting our Community – Increased resources to support animal welfare

Media release; WA Government; July 2011

State Budget 2011-12: Supporting our Community – Increased resources to support animal welfare
Portfolio: Agriculture and Food, Premier
The State Government today announced a significant boost in resources to oversee animal welfare in Western Australia.

Premier Colin Barnett said funding to improve animal welfare would more than double to $1.6million annually.

“The Liberal-National Government recognises the importance in improving animal welfare standards and increasing confidence in the enforcement of these standards across WA,” Mr Barnett said.

“The State Government’s investment will include the appointment of six additional full-time inspectors and doubling annual funding to the RSPCA to $500,000 under a service delivery agreement.”

The regulatory responsibility for the Animal Welfare Act 2002 will shift from the Department of Local Government to the Department of Agriculture and Food WA (DAFWA).

Agriculture and Food Minister Terry Redman said DAFWA would work with the RSPCA and others to continue developing standards for the care of animals in WA, educating the community about animal welfare and enforcing the Animal Welfare Act 2002.

“DAFWA has already played a significant role in creating policies and education programs around the management of welfare for livestock and has worked with business and animal welfare groups to develop and implement industry standards,” Mr Redman said.

The Minister said there would be a clear separation of DAFWA’s animal welfare compliance arm from its education, research and production arms to ensure due process in both its enforcement activities and its continued development of livestock industries.

Animal welfare administration is undertaken by the agriculture or primary industries portfolio in most other States.

Premier’s office – 9222 9475
Agriculture and Food Minister’s office – 9213 6700



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2 responses to “Supporting our Community – Increased resources to support animal welfare

  1. Jan Baker

    This should be Australia wide……shifting from Local Government to Dept of Agriculture & Food is a good move….hopefully this will give the animals a louder voice…

  2. m kelly

    I agree with Jan, this should be Australia wide. All too often the innocent animals are left in the too hard basket. People don’t realise that when getting the cute puppy or kitten that it is for life. We need to speak up for these animals and be their voice.

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