Better deal for animals in Blacktown pound

Blacktown Sun, Callan Lawrence, 11 July 2011

ANIMAL welfare advocates are rejoicing with the news that the Blacktown pound will be overhauled to provide better conditions and to reduce the number of animals being killed.Blacktown councillors voted to adopt recommendations made in two reports about pound operations and policy.

Former veterinarian and RSPCA boss Mark Lawrie compiled the reports, which say the desexing of animals given new homes may reduce the number of unwanted offspring returned to the pound.

Dr Lawrie says the tender system, which requires prospective pet-owners to outbid each other, should be changed to a fixed-price system.

He also said pound buildings and animal housings are run-down.

Dr Lawrie’s reports said it would cost a lot, but that newer facilities should be built.

Quakers Hill resident and animal-welfare advocate Vicki Goulding (left) welcomed the report’s findings, which she said welfare groups had been waiting for for 10 years.

“I’d like the recommendations to have happened a lot sooner, rather than later,” Mrs Goulding said.

Blacktown Council adopted the report’s recommendations.

The council also called for another report that would outline the cost of the changes and most effective ways of making them.

Cr Allan Green said making the required changes would be a challenge for the council.

He said: “It’s going to cost the council a lot of money and there are competing resources, but this is pretty high on the agenda now.”

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4 responses to “Better deal for animals in Blacktown pound

  1. Jan Baker

    Unfortunately it has been high on the agenda for a long time…but there has been NO decision made as yet!! after the dog kennels are hosed down these poor dogs are sitting in water & their beds are not put back down until the kennel dries….but the kennel floors are cracked & water is leaking into the kennels so they don’t dry out….these dogs are shivering in the cold & sit on cold wet floors….I would like to see some of the councillors sitting in wet floors…..they haven’t made a decision on improving the conditions in the pound….it is still in the wind…..they have just found money to build a car park in the pound…..why wasn’t this money spent on improving the conditions that these dogs live in!! a car park they DON’T need!! upgrade their kennels so as their stay there will be as pleasant as possible…..the tender system has been fixed but NOT mandatory desexing…..we are still waiting……

  2. It is a wonder they pass the inspection of the rspca or don’t they inspect council pounds.

  3. Jan Baker

    Yes they do …but don’t do anything about it…..I think they just don’t want to clash with the council…..someone is getting a kickback!! & it ain’t the dogs….

  4. m kelly

    I would like to see the councillors in these conditions too. Then lets see what would be done. It is so sad and disgusting to think of the animals sitting on cold wet cement at anytime.

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