Legal safeguards hit backyard dog breeder Fay Armstrong

Perth Now; July 7, 2011

A BACKYARD dog breeder in Spearwood has signed an undertaking not to sell diseased animals or any animal which has not been vet-checked after landmark legal action was taken out against her.

The legal action against Fay Marie Armstrong, 57, by WA’s Commissioner for Consumer Protection, was the first of its kind under new Australian Consumer Laws which came into effect at the start of this year.

Ms Armstrong, who operates out of her home in Spearwood, signed an enforceable undertaking last week, which means she can only sell animals which have been certified as healthy by a vet, are vaccinated and free from illnesses such as parvovirus, hepatitis, distemper, parainfluenza and bordatellabronciosepta.

Consumer Protection Commissioner Anne Driscoll said the consequences of breaching these Supreme Court undertakings would be serious.

 “We felt this action against Ms Armstrong was necessary after numerous reports from consumers who had bought animals from her, only to find their new pets were dying, or very ill, with contagious diseases,” Ms Driscoll said.

“Some had to have their pets put down, while others paid for expensive vet treatment.”

Ms Driscoll said consumers who plan to purchase animals should have them examined or certified by a vet to help ensure they are healthy at the time of sale.

“Animals with diseases and health problems should not be sold to unsuspecting buyers and pets which have been given proper care should not die only a few weeks after purchase,” she said.

 “Traders can argue that the animal may have contracted the condition after purchase so a pre-purchase health check is strongly recommended.”

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5 responses to “Legal safeguards hit backyard dog breeder Fay Armstrong

  1. companionanimalnews

    A readers letter:
    “Unregistered backyard breeders and animal collectors are our main problem. We need to stop out of control backyard breeders,have stricter penalties,and better guidelines that breeders have to follow,they’re should be a registered breeders list,where every 3months those breeders get a random visit,to see how the animals are. Animal collectors are just as bad,buying and buying when they cannot cater for what they have gotI have delt with many and I have just about had it If people cannot care for what they have got then they shouldnt be allowed to have pets! Bloody backyard producersThose poor dogs! If she has mistreated,and stuffed up many times before why should she be allowed to continue! Take the animals away from her put a 10 year ban on her purchasing any pets,and fine her 5,000! Make her suffer just like all those dogs have !She shouldn’t be allowed to keep breeding,when they arent cared for.Petshops should be allowed to sell pet supplys,not pets! Shelters are overcrowded,without them adding to the number of animals dumped and abandoned. Simple. Shut down Petshops and monitor breeders better .Petshops are part of the core problem!Petshops only encourage backyarders to keep going!”

    “here here” we say….

  2. Proud womon

    and yet, she can still breed – so the poor dogs continue to suffer a cruel existence as breeding machines… it’s time to end this insanity…

  3. m kelly

    This woman should be banned permanently and NOT allowed to breed animals at all!

  4. Really this is an companionanimalnews thanks a lot…..

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