Abandoned dogs offered lifeline

In my community, 25 July 2011; By Lucy Jarvis, North Coast Times

Alyson Lyons with dogs Narnia and Dozer. Picture: Emma Reeves www.communitypix.com.au

UNCLAIMED dogs facing being put down at the Wanneroo Animal Care Centre may find homes through a new rescue group.

Volunteer Alyson Lyons started Total Adogtion Services after she took a break from her 15-year- career as a pilot to find foster homes for dogs at the centre.

Ms Lyons said she started the non-profit group a couple of months ago to find dogs suitable new homes.

“We take three-legged dogs (and) the ones that might have behavioural problems,” she said.

All of the dogs she receives from the Wanneroo Animal Care Centre go to foster homes before going to their new homes.

Ms Lyons said the process enabled her to determine the temperament of the animals before finding a suitable foster home.

“My job is to try gauge whether that person is suitable and whether it’s the right environment,” she said.

Ms Lyons has applied for a waiver of dog sale fees at the Wanneroo centre, which Wanneroo City councillors will consider at tomorrow night’s meeting.

She said she was always looking for people to foster dogs and put profiles of each animal on http://www.petrescue.com.au.

“We need selfless people,” she said.

“There’s no need for a person to go to a pet shop to buy a dog.”

For information on fostering, call her on 0411 056 722.


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One response to “Abandoned dogs offered lifeline

  1. Jan Baker

    Good on you Alison…..I hope that your new Total Adogtion Services takes off….there are plenty of us animal lovers that will help when you need it…..pet shops should be stopped by law in selling puppies from puppy farms who make a profit out of the torment they put these dogs through…..I just wish we had a strong government to bring in a Law that would stand up for the rights of animals…….all the very best…good luck & may you help a lot of Animals…

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