Port Stephens puppy farm owner pleads guilty

Newcastle Herald, Tim Connell; 26 July 2011

UNTREATED: A dog at Kindee Kennels.

A Port Stephens puppy farm owner pleaded guilty yesterday to 10 cruelty charges relating to dogs with conditions ranging from dental disease to urine-soaked fur.

Glen Oak’s Caroline Hudson faced Raymond Terrace Local Court on charges arising from RSPCA inspections of her Kindee Kennels operation breeding shih tzus and King Charles spaniels.

She accepted charges including aggravated cruelty, failing to provide proper and sufficient food, failing to alleviate pain and four counts of failing to provide veterinary treatment.

An RSPCA spokeswoman said inspectors at Kindee Kennels last August found dogs with untreated eye and ear conditions, dental disease, flea burdens and matted, urine-soaked coats.

It was deemed cruel to keep one emaciated silky terrier alive, and it was put down.

Three shih tzus were found in poor condition after not being fed properly for at least two weeks. One had a mammary tumour.

Mrs Hudson was given a two-year good behaviour bond.

She was fined $4500, and ordered to pay $79 in costs and prohibited from owning more than two desexed dogs.

Mrs Hudson would not comment last night on the outcome of the court case.

More information here from Animal Rights Hub

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2 responses to “Port Stephens puppy farm owner pleads guilty

  1. Jan Baker

    She should not be allowed to own a dog ever again….not enough money she has to pay & she should have some time in jail…see how she likes to be couped up…..the RSPCA do not do enough with their authority…they should be allowed by law to close these puppy farms down …..there on the spot….not go away & leave these poor dogs to more suffering…as these puppy farmers have no passion towards these dogs…..why allow them to suffer more….take the dogs off them straight away…..the law has to be stronger to protect these dogs….

  2. Trish

    When is the RSPCA going to be given, and use, some real legal teeth? No second chances for these puppy farmers who keep animals in such appalling conditions. Close them down as soon as they’re discovered, ban them from ever operating again and have jail time waiting if they re-offend. We’re very quick to condemn other countries for the way they treat animals, yet are too willing to turn a blind eye to these practices in our own backyard

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