Media statement: Clover Moore, NSW, 16th August 2011

The NSW Government’s announcement yesterday of a Companion Animal Taskforce responds to the strong community lobbying in support of a Parliamentary inquiry in to companion animal welfare proposed by Clover Moore.

“On 27 July I gave notice of a motion to set up a select committee to investigate companion animal welfare and recommend law and policy reform” said Ms Moore.

“Around 60,000 healthy cats and dogs are killed annually in NSW, while cruel puppy farms and backyard breeders churn out new pets for sale. Litters from pets which haven’t been de-sexed end up on the streets and in pounds, and unfair regulations force people to give up cherished pets when they move into apartments, retirement villages and rental properties.

“The proposed inquiry has strong community support including from animal welfare, rights and protection groups and has seen hundreds of people lobby their State MP” said Ms Moore.

“After years of inaction, I welcome the new Government’s acknowledgement that companion animals in this State are suffering and its commitment to improve welfare.

“But the Companion Animal Taskforce includes strong industry membership whose influence many animal welfare groups report has stalled past reforms” said Ms Moore.

“The inquiry I propose would be open and transparent and include public hearings. Industry would be able to make submissions, but Committee members would not be influenced by other interests like commercial gain.

“When in Opposition, Government members proposed a Parliamentary Inquiry in to companion animal welfare in response to my Animals (Regulation of Sale) Bill” said Ms Moore.

“The Taskforce cannot replace an open and transparent public inquiry and I call on the Government to support my motion when it comes up for debate” concluded Ms Moore.

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  1. Jan Baker

    I am all for Clover Moore…she wants everything out in the open, which I agree with. I just hope this task force is fair & wants the welfare of animals to come first. The pet industry is a big industry that makes money from animals, they have to put animals FIRST NOT LAST!

  2. Proud womon

    if only each state had a clover moore…

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