Silly little boys with big dogs

Baz Blakeney From: Herald Sun August 22, 2011

A SWEET, innocent, beautiful little girl has been killed by someone’s vicious, ugly dog. All is not right in the world.
What is it with people who keep these nasty dogs?
What is it with men (and yes, it’s usually men) who need a violent pet to make themselves feel big and tough?
Are they socially and sexually insecure? Are they a little under-sized in the upper trouser area?
I’m tired, so tired, of men with angry dogs.
Grow up, boys. There are counsellors out there who can help you deal with your insecurities.
A while back I was at the park and one of my sons was playing on the swing and this great slobbering lump of canis familiaris rushed up to him and bared its teeth and looked ready to bite.
I kicked the dog away and told it in no uncertain terms that its
The owner of the dog (yes, a man) came over and questioned my behaviour.
I can’t remember what my exact response was, but I think it was something along the lines of: “You’re lucky, pal. If that dog had bitten my boy, you’d be scraping what’s left of your dopey mutt off the footpath with a spatula.”
I’m sorry you had to hear that, but I was angry. And I know it’s not the dog’s fault.
We have a newish dog, which we got from the dogs’ home.
She’s not much bigger than a ferret and if she decided she wanted to kill you, you’d probably just get a couple of light scratches around the ankle area. At worst, you might need a Band-Aid. OK, maybe two Band-Aids.
But when I was a kid, we had a dog with a deep personality flaw. He took a distinct dislike to the rubbish man. He seemed to think the garbo was stealing something.
The dog was perfectly well behaved around other people, but we realised he had some anger management issues in regards to refuse collectors.
So, every rubbish day we chained him up.
He’d bark himself hoarse when the bin man came, but there was no ugly confrontation, no violence, no ashen-faced, quaking garbo cowering in the cabin of his truck.
I guess the point I’m trying to make is – if your dog has a mean streak, deal with it. If there’s a chance the dog might bite someone, don’t let it loose in the park to terrorise toddlers. Show some social responsibility, for Christ’s sake.
Our garbo-hating dog had a sister, we got both of them as pups.
The sister was as gentle as a lamb, as sweet a dog as you would ever meet if you lived a thousand lifetimes.
And every garbage day, when her brother went ballistic, she used to look genuinely embarrassed. Can dogs feel embarrassment? I think so.
Dogs have personalities, of course, just like humans.
Some are soft and loving and some have a bit of bastard in them.
But dogs that are specifically bred for their aggression (eg pit bulls) are another matter entirely.
It’s time to stop these dogs being bred at all.
And it’s time for all the blokes out there with self-esteem problems to find some other way to make themselves feel tough.

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3 responses to “Silly little boys with big dogs

  1. Its not the dogs fault !t Animals are a product of their upbringing like we all are Both animals and humans are all born into this world as innocent gentle beings I think it would be better if you also commented on how a dog is turned into… and deemed ” dangerous” and or ” nasty ” dog!

  2. Michelle

    Yes dogs are not born dangerous or aggressive, they are raised or treated this way and that is why they turn out like they do. It is the same for children who are raised in similiar circumstances, just like these children it is not the dogs fault but the owners.

  3. The Lone Ranger

    When I was a Ranger in the Pilbara I had to put down several dogs due to the fact that they were left out in the heat and their brains fried. Once they got out they would go for anything that moved. These dogs were mostly “staff crosses” (read between the lines on that description). mostly owned by under educated, overpaid males working in the mining industry.

    Another time in the Swan districts area of I attended a serious dog attact on another dog. It was a bull terrer cross. It was strongly suggested to the owner that it was in the best interest to surrender the dog to me. He said his live was the “3B’s” , Beer, Bricks and Bullies. His words.

    To Michelle, it is not all the owners fault. As there are mentally unbalanced people due to no fault of thier own, there are animals that are the same. I have seen and assisted many owners in trying to get thier dogs to be managable, but all efforts failed. One example is a beagle that is a constant escape artist. To the extent he dug out of a fortified fence and hard red dirt ground and took his woooly terrier mixed breed mate with him.

    To Sarah West, i am amazed that you think all people are born “gentle”. May I suggest to you that you do some research on the matter of certain infamous offenders that it was shown there is a generic disposition that was partically the cause of thier serious crimes. If we were all born “gentle” there would not be the crime in our community there is today or the colourful history of the past. I’m sure that Mrs Hitler had of realised how her little boy Adolf had turned out she would have exercised some birth control and Mrs Nero wish she hadnt forked out so much on her cubbly cherbubs violin lessons.

    My dog Teddy, is a rescued shar pei. He is so mellow hes like a big cat. He would not hurt a fly. I have seen babies crawl over him and he not move. He is not an alpha dog.

    But I know the breed. I have seen him attack another dog and another person for getting too close to me and my partner. Two isolated cases, years apart. He will rush out at anyone coming to the door because he thinks all visitors are here to see him. I am alert to the fact of his mannerisms

    If anyone ever raised a foot to kick him. The next voice they would hear would be the doctor in intensive care speaking to them.

    There are “faults” on both sides of the dog enclosure fence

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