Pet store targeted in puppy protest

Latrobe Valley Express; BY NIKITA VAZ; 25 Aug, 2011

A PROTEST near a pet store has left the owners of the business “emotionally and financially strained” after protestors took their fight to the public.

Protesters rallied in front of Traralgon pet store In2Pets on the weekend to “create an awareness” in the community about puppies bought from puppy farms and later sold at local pet stores.

About 40 protesters stood outside the store demanding the closure of puppy factories and alleged the Traralgon store not only bought their puppies from a puppy mill, but also kept them in poor conditions.

The rally coincided with the store’s open day and left the owners of the business feeling “personally attacked”.

In2Pets business owner Ron Mallia said he promised protesters he would stop buying puppies from puppy farms after a seven month-old puppy was euthanised.

“We’ve sold over 108 puppies and kittens and only one died… I promised them we wouldn’t get our puppies from puppy farms, it’s an issue with the mills not us,” Mr Mallia said.

“It’s killing us, my daughter cried herself to sleep after they (the protesters) bombarded us with messages on Facebook.

“We’re not vultures, we’ve got pets of our own and we treat them as well as we treat ourselves.”

Co-owner Doris Mallia said she received numerous angry calls from protesters leaving both her husband and herself tired and “hurt”.

“I’ve already had three anxiety attacks… it’s going to affect our business,” Ms Mallia said.

“It breaks our heart when we see all this, we’re not heartless people.”

Ms Mallia said the store was the target of many angry protesters since February after the death of a puppy sold by the store.

“They (protesters) won’t listen to us, they call us, abuse us and tell us we’re only in it for the money,” she said.

The owners said they only wanted to be “left alone”, but protesters were not giving up without a fight.

Protest organiser Debra Tranter denied the protest was a personal attack on the Traralgon business.

“We wanted to show people the hidden industry behind pet stores,” Ms Tranter said.

“We have a history of campaigning in front of different stores so we weren’t personally targeting the store.”

She said protesters will soon be taking their fight to Parliament steps in Melbourne, to bring about a legislation to ban the sale of pets in pet stores.

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5 responses to “Pet store targeted in puppy protest

  1. Annelies Craig

    Totally agree Debra, ban the sale of pets in pet stores.

  2. selwyn marock

    All Puppy Mills should be closed down.

  3. Jan Baker

    Yes NO puppy farms…..NO pet shops selling puppies… has to stop…..I have seen 2 puppies in Pets Paradise Blacktown NSW one puppy was diagnosed with PARVO & died…..the litter sister was sold to some poor unsuspecting customer….their head office wasn’t interested in what happened at all…..that shop should have been closed down…..where are the authorities to do this…..animals need protection & it is up to us to do this…

  4. I can’t bring myself to feel sorry for the family. They should have done their research and figured out what puppy mills are before they opened their business! I am currently protesting outside of a pet store in Ames, Iowa because the store owner gets his puppies and kitties from a puppy mill (and he is long time friends with the owner). We have tried and tried to convince him to adopt animals out instead of sell them, but to no avail. Protesting was our last option and it is the strongest message we could send. Yesterday was our “kick off” protest and boy was he shocked to see us! We plan on having them every Saturday until Christmas. Ames will know what puppy mills are when we are done! 😀 Thanks for posting and, as always, ADOPT DON’T SHOP!!

  5. Shad Valenza

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