Moreton Bay Council refuses to ban pitbull terriers until they prove to be a problem

  • Staff writers, Redcliffe & Bayside Herald; From:Quest Newspapers ; August 26

Moreton Bay is the only council in southeast Queensland that has not banned the notorious breed.

Since the mauling death of four-year-old Ayen Chol in Melbourne last week, Mayor Allan Sutherland said: “If the breed proved to be problematic (in Moreton Bay Region) in the future then we would consider banning them.’’

Cr Sutherland said his council followed State Government guidelines, including having the dogs muzzled and on a leash at all times in public, desexed, and kept in a secure escape-proof enclosure with an official restricted dog warning sign at all entrances.

“Our concern is that we have more rural and farming areas in our region where it could be harder to monitor breeding,’’ he said.

Cr Sutherland also raised the issue of legal dispute with owners of dogs that appeared to be pit bulls to the untrained eye, but could be a cross-breed or a Staffordshire terrier.

The comments contrast with those of Brisbane Mayor Graham Quirk, who said the pitbull was an extremely dangerous and aggressive breed and had no place in his city.

American pit-bull terriers and cross breeds were banned in Brisbane in 1996, with a concession that existing dogs be allowed the rest of their lives.

“The figures speak for themselves, with no pit bull attacks recorded since the ban was put in place,’’ said Cr Quirk.

According to the council, all of the seven pit bulls that were registered in 2003 are now dead.

An RSPCA spokesman said the society believed in “punishing the deed, not the breed’’.

“Unfortunately however, we are aware that the very pet owner that shouldn’t have a breed like a pit bull are often attracted to those types of dogs.’’

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3 responses to “Moreton Bay Council refuses to ban pitbull terriers until they prove to be a problem

  1. selwyn marock

    Quirk is obviously not so bright “Since Killing off all the Pitbulls there have been no Pitbull Attacks in his city” He should adopt a similiar policy to lets say Black people or any nationality for that matter,just think any nationality that he is party to wiping out would not commit any further offences in HIS City.
    If there was such an Award as MORON of the YEAR,I know who my vote would go to.

  2. chris

    The wording American pit bull terrier’ or ‘pit bull terrier’ used as an easily identifiable breed of dog is clearly vague and in no way sufficiently clear and precise therefore violates equal protection and due process, by not stipulating specific guidelines to inhibit Councils Animal Control Officers from enforcing the law in an arbitrary or discriminatory fashion and on the ground that the ordinance’s definition of an American pit bull terrier’ ,pit bull terrier, is on its face unconstitutionally vague or void due to vagueness.

    There is absolutely NO methodology in existence anywhere in the world by which the breed components of a dog of unknown parentage can be identified with any level of certainty. Any government/council/individual/pound who says they can is kidding themselves and committing fraud.

    That these experts in dog breed identification held training to a level supported in the “Rules of Law” as a true expert….

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