Ranger’s plea to help the animals

The Daily Examiner; Ana Vlastaras | 2nd September 2011

TIFFANY Felton has been a Clarence Valley Council ranger for eight years, and every day she has to play god.

“We don’t have the luxury of shutting our doors and saying sorry, we’re full. It breaks my heart when I have a full pound and the rangers come back with three or four dogs or sometimes 10.

“Then I have to walk through here and make some really tough decisions. It’s not fun, it’s not easy and it’s not made any easier when people tell us how bad we are,” Tiffany said.

“We could not survive without the local animal rescue groups though, who take so many animals off us week in, week out.”

In the past 12 months, 119 dogs and 74 cats were euthanased at the Grafton Pound – the lowest numbers in the past five years.

During the next year, however, Tiffany hopes to see even more animals saved as the Clarence Valley Council increases staff numbers and pound hours, adopts a “pets in prison” program, along with a new volunteer program and introduces compulsory de-sexing of animals from the pound.

The Grafton Pound can house about 14 dogs in its eight kennels and two runs. Funds have been set aside to build an extra four kennels at the Acmena Juvenile Justice facility for the Pets in Prison program – in which centre inmates are trained to care for animals.

However, while the council can implement plans to help combat the problem of stray and unwanted animals, Tiffany said individual pet owners had to take responsibility.

“I have four dogs and four cats,” she said.

“Every one of mine is de-sexed, vaccinated and registered and every one of them has been purchased from here.

“I do the right thing by my pets and if people can’t … then they end up here or, hopefully, with one of the many and brilliant animal rescue groups within the community,” she said.

“I understand circumstances change but we end up with so many (animals) that are not vaccinated, aren’t microchipped and aren’t de-sexed.”

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4 responses to “Ranger’s plea to help the animals

  1. companionanimalnews

    Readers comment:

    We would just like to thank the rangers for all the great work they have done at the Grafton pound.
    They have shown that they are willing to do whatever it takes to continue to save as many of our local animals as possible.
    With all the new plans in the pipework such as the “pets in prison” program and desexing, volunteers and working with other rescue groups etc they have done an amazing job.
    I hope all the Grafton community will get behind their efforts and it would be nice to add a positive email or two, its a job that alot of people couldnt do, so please help by desexing your pet, remember that its cat breeding season and the pound will be overflowing with cute little kittens that no-one wants, please take advantage AWL discount desexing programs at Clarence Valley Vets and Riverside Vets.
    Grafton Animal Rescue

  2. It is wonderful to see the changes that are being implemented at Grafton Pound. They all take time but the improvements all ready implemented show that the Clarence Valley council is moving in the right direction. The longer pound hours and the compulsory de-sexing has been a monumental step forward. HappyPaws Haven has always worked with the Council Rangers to save the animals abandoned by irresponsible owners.

    For the last 5 years that HappyPaws Haven has been operating Tiffany Felton has always tried to do whatever it takes to continue to save as many of our local animals as possible. Her determination has been instrumental in ensuring the improvements have been considered and then implemented.

    When the pound is full and she is faced with that dreadful decision she tries at first to see if we or the other rescue groups in the greater Northern Rivers Region can take one of the really special animals that do not deserve that fate and where there is room they are saved.

    If you are looking to get a new pet please consider a rescue animal first whether it be from a rescue organisation or the pound, as they will be micro-chipped, immunised and de-sexed. These beautiful animals deserve the chance to live a wonderful life rather than be put down.

    With Kitten season and puppy season on our door step, please take advantage of the AWL half price de-sexing of your animals for those with health cards at Riverbank Animal Hospital and Clarence Valley Vet Clinic.

    Sally Rogers
    HappyPaws Haven

  3. This is wonderful news about the prison program. The animals will help prisoners to find a special place in their hearts for a non judgmental animal friend.

  4. The Grafton Pound also sends any stray or abandoned rabbits to The Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary which saves their lives also. We then care for them and rehome them to loving families.

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